"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

“Barry” Barack Obama…

HFFT received the following tidbit in our mail today. Keep in mind, Obama recently endorsed Andre Carson. Ask yourself why? Below are some very good questions. If you are considering voting for Obama (like I was) answer these questions first. --Melyssa

Do I have this straight?

His father was a Kenyan, Muslim, black- we have seen pictures of his African 'family

His mother is a Kansan, atheist, white- where are the pictures of his Kansan, white mother and his white grandparents who raised him?

His father deserted his mother and him when he was very young and went back to his family in Kenya

His mother married an Indonesian Muslim and took him to Jakarta where he was schooled in a Muslim school

His mother returned to Hawaii and he was raised by his white Kansan grandparents

He later went to the best high dollar schools, how?

He lives in a $1.4 million dollar house that he acquired through a deal with a wealthy fund raiser. How?

He 'worked' as a civil rights activist in Chicago- has never held a productive job. Never received a paycheck from a business which was not government funded and/or taxpayer supported. (the presidency is not a civil rights post nor is it subject to affirmative action set asides. On-the-job training won't cut it. )

He entered politics at the state level and then the national level where he has minimal experience

He is proud of his 'African heritage' but it seems that his only African connection was that his African father got a white girl pregnant and deserted her. I didn't know that sperm carried a 'cultural' gene. Where is the pride in his white culture?

He goes to a 'Afro-centric' church that hates whites, hates Jews, and blames America for all the world's perceived faults, including 'creating' AIDS to inflict on Africans. He then repeatedly whitewashes the pastor, his church, and the members who cheered after hearing the pastor's vitriolic pulpit tirades

He could not confront his pastor but he wants us to believe that he can confront north Korea and Iran!

In his brief time in the senate he has managed to amass the number one ultra-liberal voting record of the hundred members, voting consistently for bigger government, higher taxes, big entitlements and legislation which would severely curtail America’s ability to fight terrorism, protect our borders and our national interests around the world.

But he is a good orator.

Yeah, I think I see how well he could be a uniter and bring us together. I think the hope is that he hopes no one will put the pieces together.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce our new chief pilot. He's never flown an airplane. In fact he's never even sat in a cockpit, but he's ridden on them. We're sure he will guide us safely through the storms we are about to encounter on this flight.

People don't plan to fail ; they fail to plan - Anonymous

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