"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Become a FairTax 1040 member & help to further the tremendous movement to eliminate the IRS

I became a monthly FairTax 1040 member today. I hope you will too. In Indiana we still have a few federal legislators who are not supportive of the FairTax. These holdouts are Andre Carson (of course), Senator Bayh, and Senator Lugar. The FairTax1040 campaign will help put pressure on these three to get on board and do what is right for Americans...eliminate the most oppressive government agency in history, The IRS. --Melyssa

Dear FairTax supporters,

As I write to you today, struggling families across our great nation are waiting for a special delivery from the federal government. They are looking for their promised stimulus rebate check from Uncle Sam. Yes, that cash infusion is a welcome and needed "bump"... until you realize that our children will be paying back this money to China and other nations over their lifetimes so that we can jump-start our economy today.

--one that attracts investment in the U.S. economy instead of chasing it away?

Here's one: It's called the FairTax, and it's the legacy our children and grandchildren deserve from us.

Trouble is, being "right" on the FairTax is just not enough. To make the FairTax a reality we must create a far higher level of national visibility, generate 10 times our current grassroots work, bring on intense marketing and target red-hot citizen heat on Washington.

Sound great?

You bet, but it all comes down to funding, and we need everyone to do their part. Here is the reality: Big changes require big campaign war-chests and larger-than-life tactics and there can be no bigger transformational change than the FairTax. Plainly said--we all have to give a little to win a lot.

Here's how you can help: Go to www.fairtax.org/1040 right now and become a FairTax 1040 Member. I am asking you to become part of a new leadership movement--the FairTax 1040.

Join with your fellow FairTax supporters as we assemble an even more powerful force for change in Washington. Members of the FairTax 1040--named for the very IRS tax form we hope to forever remove from the American lexicon--will receive a membership card, exclusive communications from FairTax leadership, and the first 1,000 Members will be entered to win a personal FairTax profile, excerpts of which will appear on the FairTax homepage and delivered to FairTax luminaries including Neal Boortz, Herman Cain, and Rep. John Linder.

All we ask is a monthly contribution of $10.40 per FairTax supporter for a year, or just $20.80 per month from each FairTax household. That's pennies a day, and probably far less than what you dropped on April 15th tax preparation costs this year. Isn't this small investment in the FairTax worth ending our national income tax nightmare once and for all?

Consider what has happened in the past few months:

1. We achieved record Congressional support with our 72nd co-sponsor of H.R. 25, the FairTax legislation

2. Presidential candidates of both parties have publicly debated the merits of the FairTax with at least half a dozen expressing their support

3. We doubled our base of FairTax supporters

4. Along with the National Taxpayer's Union, we delivered over 163,000 FairTax petition signatures (thanks to you!) to Congress on April 15th

Here is what your investment will make happen:
--A district-by-district Congressional pressure campaign to turn up the heat on elected officials

--One million signatures, emails and phone calls for our April 2009 Tax Day campaign

--Newspaper ads, bloggers, radio and TV ads, rallies, concerts and even ads in airports to enlist public support

A march on Washington to force our legislation to the floor of the House and Senate

Yes, our goals are ambitious, but our vision is nothing short of unleashing the U.S. economy and freeing the American taxpayer from the burdens of our dysfunctional, corrupt, costly and cumbersome income tax system. Join us at this critical time and help create a better nation for every American. This is our moment, please help.

Sincerely, Ken Hoagland

Communications Director

1 comment:

Sean Shepard said...

Elected (Federal) FairTax Supporters Are:

Mike Pence (R)
Dan Burton (R)

Those who thus far have hidden under their desk instead of supporting this critical change and simplification of our tax system:

Visclosky (D)
Hill (D)[Mike Sodrel (R) was co-sponsor before Hill beat him]
Buyer (R) this one baffles me.
Souder (R)
Donelly (D) Probably hasn't been lobbied to about it heavily yet.
Elsworth (D)
Carson (D)

Bayh (D)
Lugar (R)

Presidential Candidates who had said they supported or would at least sign The Fairtax if it landed on their desk. Keep in mind this would boot about 50% of lobbyists out of D.C. !!!

Mike Gravel (D)
Ron Paul (R) [although he supports eliminating most taxes completely]
Mike Huckabee (R)
John Cox (R)
Duncan Hunter (R)
Tom Tancredo (R)
Fred Thompson (R) [lukewarm]
Tommy Thompson (R)

How the Rs ended up with McCain most of them don't even know. I believe "hold your nose and vote" is now the common mantra.