"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Former Republican jumps to Libertarians for presidential candidacy nod

Looks like former Georgia Representative, Bob Barr, is rounding up support and is asking for the Libertarian presidential nomination at the May convention.

Barr hired Ross Perot's former campaign manager and said "A vote for the status quo ... is really and truly a wasted vote, because it is not going to do anything."

The libertarians do not use taxpayer funded primary elections to slate candidates for their PRIVATE parties, but instead fund the slating internally at their self-produced conventions.

Bob Barr, a true conservative fed up with the Republican party, left it a couple years ago. He hated Bush's attacks on personal liberties, despises the IRS, and is a defender of our Constitution.
While Bob Barr might seek the libertarian nod, he deviates from the libertarian platform in his support for the "War on Drugs". Libertarians believe that drugs should not be outlawed because it infringes upon personal freedom. Additionally, studies show that outlawing drugs does not stop drug use, but instead it creates a criminal and violent black market. Did we not learn from Prohibition?

During the eight years Barr served in Congress, he was regarded as a conservative among conservatives.

GOP insiders are reported to have begged him not to run as a Libertarian because they know it will hurt McCain.
Let's watch what the Libertarians do in their primary on May 22 and take comfort in the fact that the Libertarian decision making process won't cost the American taxpayer a dime.

HFFT prediction: More notable republicans, fed up with the corruption, high taxes, and personal freedom infringement of government, will defect to the Libertarian and the Constitution Party.

UPDATE: The blog incorrectly reported that Barr supports a War on Drugs and has since reversed his opinion and believes each state should handle the matter.


Timothy Maguire said...

Just for the record, Barr has slightly modified his position on the Drug War.

While he's still not a fan of legalization, as many libertarians are; he has acknowledged that this is not a FEDERAL issue, but rather a STATE one, and he seems to support repealing FEDERAL drug laws.

His statements on REASON.TV also lead me to believe he'd be willing to discuss legalizing marijuna.

Sean Shepard said...

Tim is 100% correct and I believe Barr's recent position on this issue is the correct one. It's worth noting he did not arrive at that opinion until after actually serving in Congress and observing things from the D.C. viewpoint.

Unfortunately, the "war on drugs" has become a massive industry unto itself that many have a vested interest in maintaining.


Thanks for the update! The laws should be up to individual states to control, marijuana should be legalized cause it doesn't hurt anyone, and federal drug laws are costing this country a fortune.

Where is Barr on abortion these days?

Timothy Maguire said...

He hasn't taken a strong stance since switching parties. As a Republican, he was against it: http://www.ontheissues.org/GA/Bob_Barr.htm

Although, based on his general statements, I'm guessing that he'd favor overturning Roe v. Wade and simply letting the STATES decide.

Timothy Maguire said...

Thanks to Sean for setting up a Meetup group: http://bobbarr.meetup.com/11/?gj=ej4&a=if_1597524

MARK said...

What is Barr's position on the so called Fairtax?

Barr made his second wife get an abortion for the good of their marriage -- fact. He had wife number three waiting in the wings -- as soon as he made wife number two chop up their unwanted son in the womb, he dumped her.

See -- Bob didn't want to pay her all that child support.

When Bob took his wife to the abortion clinic, and paid for the abortion, he was on several national panels for right to life.

There was nothing wrong with his wife's health, nothing dangerous about the pregnancy. Bob just wanted that kid chopped up so he could divorce wife 2, without child support.

So Bob has shown himself to be a true blue Christian, a true blue Republican, and a true blue scum bucket human.

Vote for Bob.