"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, May 9, 2008

Prediction: You will get screwed over even more after the election

The primary served to show that they started throwing dirt on us before the lid was on or, the box was in the ground. Mitch is slippery enough that he will slide back in on the slug trails left by his cronies, and the 1-2-3 "Plan" will remove ALL residual property rights in Indiana. (If you think you own your property, skip a tax payment! You WILL find out differently!) See: SB 1145, 2008 session.

The orchestrated juggling of Property Tax payment dates; statewide, is designed to keep the trolls under the bridge, until the flood of taxes comes to drown them---after the election. The sheep (see: Electorate) will follow the Shepherd / Kernan across the bridge, all the way to fleecing and slaughter.

Americans are already asking for political / financial asylum, in Canada...Where, I suppose, they can at least expect legitimate socialism. Unlike the insidious creeps we have here. The NAZIonal gubment has presented a PONZI scheme to provide the illusion of foreclosure relief, whilst lining their own pockets Which Bush has promised to veto, right after Jenna's reception...

So, the promised chicken dinner is all beaks and feathers. What you have is agendized governance, by collusion and illusion. There are NO party distinctions left. Only class division---The haves (gubment) and, the have-not's (Everyone else).

The last line of Francis Scott Key's famous tune (The Star Spangled Banner) should be updated for historical relevance, to read: "o'er the land of the greed and, the homeless slave". But, of course, it needs to be re-written in a combination of Spanish and Arabic, too...

The smart monkeys learn how to open the cage, and escape. The stupid ones think they look good in carcinogenic make-up, as long as there is a promise of free bananas...The primaries sure brought out the Mary Kay monkeys!

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