"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Answers to Ed DeLaney's questions can be found on this blog

Ed DeLaney, who is running for State Rep in District 86 (David O's old spot), wants to know what caused the property tax mess. Well several of the people that LED the property tax protest movement live in his district and we now have the answers after spending a year of our lives in pursuit of the answer.

Delaney asks in a July 16th press release:
“The property tax crisis is far from over and the time has to find the root cause of this crisis,” stated DeLaney, who cited the escalating tax burden for homeowners as the primary reason he decided to enter the legislative race.

Well Ed, it's the bond debt levied by un-elected taxing authorities. It's lucrative contracts given to construction firms who in turn pay lobbyists to perpetuate lies at the state house, and it is the utter failure of our politicians to obey our laws written to protect the people.

If you don't know which laws, read the Indiana Constitution and put that law degree and Harvard education to work for us. If you are still stuck as to what the root of this problem is, then ask Constitutionalist Andy Horning for help. He's running for Governor and knows the Constitution probably better than anyone around.

Hope that helps you. Now that you know the answer, please use your law degree and help the people force our government to obey the laws as written.


Anonymous said...

Delaney should be toast. When you look at HD 86, Adam Nelson should win this one. David O. won the last one with a wide margin in an off-year election (no presidential campaign). However, the Hamilton Co. part of this district is booming. If those voters show up on election day, Nelson could win big.

Anonymous said...

From DeLaney's website: "I was asked to spend seven months in Kosovo by the U.S. State Department helping to reestablish the rule of law in that war torn country and I have recently traveled to Russia to assist in developing freedom of the press in that country."

If he can supposedly establish the rule of law in a warn torn country, you would think that he would talk about doing the same for Indiana. Should be a cakewalk over here since we don't have a war and all.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Neal's puff piece in the Star this morning is at least the second that she has written hyping DeLaney's "research." See this piece http://www.inpolicy.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=322&Itemid=27 which was also published in the Star on July 9th. Adam Nelson has tried to contact her, but has received no response.