"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feds' latest privacy invasion: Airport strip searches

The fake "War on Terror" keeps rolling along. Ten U.S. airports will require random samplings of passengers to submit to electronic strip searches. Airport personnel will see your naughty bits all in the name of protecting you and yours from terror. Do you think they will force children to submit to these strip searches too?

Keep voting for republicans and democrats. Soon we won't have enough freedom left to fight for it.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

You know...you're right!

Instead, we should just sit back and let them fly more of our airplanes into building. That was such fun!!

Anonymous said...

And you think electronic strip searches would have prevented 9-11?????

C'mon! Agents with the FBI sent urgent warnings to the Pentagon about possible terrorist pilots only to be ignored. Protocol for flights that get off course was ignored. There is evidence that explosives were used to implode the buildings. There is absolutely no evidence of a a jet crash at the Pentagon.

Keep lapping up the lies. I'm sure you won't mind when they get around to microchipping you for your own safety either!

Sean Shepard said...

concerned -

do you ever stop to wonder WHY they did this? Multiple choice:

(1) because we live well and our women can vote and not wear veils.
(2) just because they were bored
(3) because the United States has meddled in Middle East affairs, propped up and supported dictators (often in the pursuit of killing their neighbors) and put sanctions their populations?

And is their goal:

(1) to knock down more buildings
(2) put the whole world under Islamic rule
(3) destroy us economically by having us waste our nations treasure, go deep into debt and devalue our currency in never-ending war on their sand?
(4) Three and maybe two since three makes two easier.

As I've stated before, the U.S. government steals from all of us to the tune of 30 to 60% of our income every day, invades our privacy, destroys our freedom and our options to protect ourselves. Even the UAE has no income tax, no wonder they're buying up our whole country now.

When we think about war just remember that (a) it is important for their to always be some "enemy" we must be wary of and (b) wars are also fought economically and our political leaders don't seem to understand this or fail to understand how to win.

We're at war alright. The people vs. their government.