"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, July 11, 2008

How to curb crime in Indianapolis and still take it easy on taxpayers' wallets

Put our best police officers on the streets in highly visible patrol groups on police segways

Indiana Barrister and Advance Indiana are both reporting today about the shooting of a young IMPD officer who today is clinging to life after he was shot in head yesterday by one of our local thugs. In the last week and a half, Indy has had twelve murders.

It is summer in Gotham. In the 1980's I saw this level of crime in our future. I saw it in the bellies of unwed, uneducated teenage girls. Their babies are now grown up thugs and the result of allowing uneducated children to parent.

Mayor Ballard, Public Safety Director Scott Newman, and Police Chief Spears are very visible during this crime wave. That is reassuring to me. They have asked for citizen help and prayers for the city.

Since they ask for input, here are ideas that I believe will work that won't be too rough on the taxpayers' pockets which are already taxed to the max.

1. Bring back all IPD retirees who want to work under Ballard. Put the older guys in patrol cars I understand that the taxpayers don't have to pay extra for benefits because retirees already draw benefits through their pensions.
2. Put younger officers together in visible patrol groups to walk beats in the parts of town with highest crime statistics. Save gas, use new police segways for transport.

3. Make it perfectly clear throughout all broadcast news media that citizens have support from prosecutor’s office to defend their own properties (including their cars) with deadly force if needed.

4. Ask retired cops to volunteer to lead public gun safety classes for homeowners. Make sure the homeowner gun safety classes are well publicized on the news and that the thugs get the message that homeowners are armed and have full support from the city.

5. Make it clear that everyone…cops and citizens…working together to eliminate this criminal element.

6. Give better education opportunities, lottery tickets, vacations, foot locker gift certificates, or other rewards to people who snitch on the thugs that get convicted. Get retailers and local businesses to contribute the reward prizes as tax write-offs.

7. Increase homeownership throughout the city (sky high property taxes work against this). Check crime stats. Crime spikes in areas with low homeownership.

8. Revisit Giuiliani’s techniques.

9. Whatever you do, Mayor Ballard, don't give another penny of our money to the ministers at their next shakedown. Obviously, their techniques are not working and there is no need to throw good taxpayer money after bad.

--Melyssa for HFFT


Chandler said...

Are you suggesting that giving millions of taxpayer dollars to Olgen Williams, his children and a group of self-absorbed Black Ministers, is not an effective public safety program?
Do you mean that saying "Peace in the Streets" and putting out yard signs is not enough?
Thanks Mayor Ballard for this great investment of public money!
I have certainly "HAD ENOUGH OF BALLARD"


I think the "Peace in the Streets" campaign is good because it has an effect on public consciousness. It's marketing and communication which is import. But it is NOT crime control.

Did you know one of those ministers drives a Rolls Royce?

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Even our airport police officers have Segways.

But Peterson was more interested in spending money on Jim Irsay and his other business buds.

He couldn't have cared less about public safety or police officers.

varangianguard said...

It isn't a very good idea to use Segways outside of the downtown core and controlled interior spaces, like the airport or malls.

The patrolpersons need to walk the beats.

I know the IMPD knows "where" the serious crime clusters, but there is no evidence that anyone is concentrating patrol personnel in those locations.

Sometimes, it appears that crime spikes just results in more "presence" in safer areas, as a visible reassurance to citizens who really have little to fear from serious criminals.

If this isn't the case, then Scott Newman is failing the "perception" test. Because, I don't perceive that police resources are shifting to react to high risk areas.

Instead, all I can perceive is a growing burden on the existing organization. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

Chandler said...

Scott Newman is failing the "Perception Test" but he is certainly passing the "Profit Taking Test" when it comes to his DNA Lab profitting from taxpayer dollars!