"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who Threatens You Most: The President, Congress, Fed--Or Iran?

I saw this article today on Strike The Root by Douglas Herman and thought of all of you. Last I checked Iran never did a damned thing to me. A long time ago in the 1970's, Iran held some of our people against their will, which is what we do in Gitmo to some of their people. I say that makes us even. We can have nukes, so why can't Iran?

I can however, think of a lot of things my own government is doing to hurt my life that I don't like and don't have a choice about. The first thing that comes to mind is forcing me and my fellow Americans to turn over our wages to bailout Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. So far I have not found a single person who wanted our tax dollars to bailout immoral, banking rogues and greedy homebuyers who wanted something for nothing.

--Melyssa for HFFT

Some day in the not-too-distant future, someone will pen a book called Who Wrecked America ? If the book is honest, fingers will be pointed at the crooks and liars in Washington DC and Wall Street, at lobbyists (pimps) and Congressmen (whores), at bankers and war toy makers, at AIPAC and PNAC, at presidents, executives and generals.
Doubtful that anyone will conclude that Iran had much to do with the destruction of America . Although today Iran remains in the gunsights of the master criminals in DC, that distant land does less damage to America than a handful of high American officials. Truthfully, I feel more threatened by Bush and Bolton , by Barack and Barak, by McCain and Cheney and Pelosi, than anyone in Iran .
Nukes or no nukes, Iran threatens me less than the Fed, Congress, the US media or the president.
When the history of the late, great nation known as America is written, our own homegrown jackals will be rightly blamed for the destruction. Forgotten will be the nineteen G-string jihadists with their Korans and boxcutters. If the history books are honest and the historians adroit, the blame will lie less with the Taliban and more with the Ivy League educated in their tailored suits and power ties.
Who knew the first US president with an MBA could wield so much destructive power? Maybe an MBA stands for Master of Bankrupting America. Certainly someone should revoke the charter of the university that bestowed an MBA on George W. Bush.
More to blame than any US president, Congress sanctions, and has always permitted, the wholesale destruction of the nation. Perhaps the rich remain loyal to the rich alone. Indeed, a majority of Americans do not even know that Congress allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve. Congress votes to allow US presidents wholesale destructive powers. Congress writes the checks that allow worldwide US imperialism, funding dictators, toppling democracies, while bankrupting America . Congress shuns its sworn duty, to protect and preserve the Constitution and the country, every step of the way. Indeed, as I write this, Congress is weighing more war power measures, called House Resolution 362, giving the president even more destructive powers. Even while America collapses like WTC-7, Congress will find ways to add to the rubble pile. As Doug Thompson wrote years ago: "Nobody's life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session."
The American media certainly threatens me far more than Iran . Covert threat rather than overt. By continuously spreading false propaganda for a series of profitable yet fraudulent wars, the US mainstream media does as much or more to wreck this country than any US president. Pundits lament that fewer Americans read the newspaper anymore. Critic Rick Shenkman calls us woodenheaded or boneheaded for our ignorance but fails to note a far more serious form of American ignorance called subtle brainwashing. By selectively reporting and slanting the "news," the corporate-owned US media is no different than a cabal of mullahs bent on controlling the behavior and opinion of the populace.
Georges Santana wrote: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." To that I would add, those who profit from the past and present are determined to control the future. Consider: This so-called gas shortage and the collective short-sightedness of our so-called leaders seems altogether too planned, too convenient. Ask yourself this question: In the wake of another attack, provocation or terror strike, would the American people be more or less controllable without a steady supply of gas? Would the American people be more or less willing and able to assemble? Would they have the means or money to drive to Washington DC to protest? Without a steady supply of gasoline, and thus without food, without work, would the American people be MORE OR LESS at the mercy of their leaders to provide it?
Those who threaten my health or well-being, endangering those I love and destroying both law and land, pretend to act for my benefit. THEY DO NOT. I never voted for them, nor do I support them in any way in their duplicitous and diabolical agenda.


Sean Shepard said...

I am definitely more afraid of Congress than I am terrorists or Iran.

I'm not sure how afraid to be of the FED, but since Congress is the one that illegally transferred its authority (to coin money) to the FED, that still leaves Congress at the top of my list.

These idiots get elected and then group stupidity sets in. They are too busy fund raising and debating gay marriage, the meaning the word "is", bickering amongst themselves or whatever else to pick up a damn book on Economics so they can understand they are destroying our country.

Heck, we can trace the problems with Iran all the way back to decisions of the Congress and/or President over the past 50-60 years.

Anonymous said...

You can place the blame for Iran on Jimmy Carter, who toppled the Shah and paved the way for the nutcases.

Anonymous said...

I think Ben Stein has that book out already.