"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, August 15, 2008

Daniels skips stadium gala hoopla in order to pay respects to a fallen soldier

You don't often see something good from politicians or mainstream news journalists today, but I like to give praise when I see it. Hopefully the praise will keep them on the good track with taxpayers.

The Indy Star reported that Governor Daniels missed the star-studded $250 per ticket opening of the Gladitorium in order to attend to a funeral for one of Indiana's fallen soldiers. God bless you Governor Daniels for having your priorities straight.

And secondly, Kudos to Matt Tully's front page story in the Indy Star about the excessive taxpayer funded 401k's given to our state legislators. Further kudos to Tully for pointing out who most takes advantage of us. We noticed both Bill Crawford and Teresa Lubbers made the short list of offenders. It's no wonder. Both failed to step up for the taxpayer during the property tax crisis.

We hear from neighbors in Senator Lubbers own neighborhood of Meridian Kessler that many are furious she dropped the ball in regard to property tax reform. What is sad for the senator is that some of her neighbors (who might publicly display a Lubbers yard sign for fear of political retaliation if they don't) will work behind the scenes to move voters to the conservative libertarian Steve Keltner instead. There is a great deal of dissent in regard to the status quo government on the northside of Indianapolis and libertarian values resonnate with voters.

We recently received a copy of Lubbers' campaign contributors and learned that she accepts a whole lot of money from the spouses of lobbyists so that she can claim publicly she does not accept big special interest donations. You can expect more details regarding who is contributing to her and why to come out soon.

We placed a call recently to Senator Lubbers to get an update the so-called "summer study session" for property tax repeal. All she could tell us is that Representative Peggy Welch is in charge of the committee. She has not kept tabs on the progress of property tax repeal, nor does it appear that she will work for what the taxpayer wants...property tax elimination.


Anonymous said...

Goodbye Lubbers -hello Keltner- one can only hope that, like stuck with Carson forever, it is not Lubbers forever.

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