"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama cheats! Primary poll workers and voters testify on camera

Still think America is free?

Watch this testimony and judge for yourself how the "machine" works.
Watch testimony from around the country and hear the black voices from Gary, IN who call foul on Obama and the machine politics that stifled their vote on election day.

Watch the video:

UPDATE: Advance Indiana gives a more detailed analysis of the machine politics behind Obama in the primary.


Anonymous said...

You think it was coincidence that Obama endorsed Andre Carson? God help us if Obama is elected.

Pete Boggs said...

Party process is no more credible in this state than seen in this video, by either party.

It's not the Democrat or Republican party, it's the cocktail party; their clubby "connections" to themselves being their disconnection with the Constitution and therefore the people.

The "ain't we smart set" are setting the stage for a failed state, by default of poor public policy and failed leadership. That said, the natural, free market always responds, by attracting people to more citizen friendly states.

In years to come, golden years for some of those who've sworn but failed an oath to represent US (a pronoun other than "them"), they'll perhaps pacify themselves with "we did our best, what we 'had' to do under the circumstances," never minding they IGNORED THE CIRCUMSTANCES, by quarter-mastering & electioneering public perception of "the results." No leadership, no vision.

America is supposed to be the "ownership," not onerous society. Is anyone "leading the way?"

David Gerard said...

Media polls show you have to keep watching the media.