"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Property tax activist meeting -- All are welcome

The meeting is at Ed Angleton's house. Ed is running for state representative and has the courage to stand up in the state house and do the right thing for us.

To anyone who wants to be part of working on a law to improve property taxes, come to Ed Angleton and Jenny Elkins' house, 1215 Polk Street, this coming Wednesday, 8/20, at 6:30 pm.

Below is a list of ideas that the legislative group has come up with to date. Now it's time to refine and prioritize list and come up with a blueprint on how to get it sponsored and enacted.

1. In some states, property taxes are also based on Market Value, but increased at a gradual rate each year to bring it up to the actual market value. (example state of Massachusetts) www.zillow.com. In CALIFORNIA, property owners pay property tax based on what property assessed for when acquired. It can only go up a minimal amount per year after that (1 or 2%). When property is sold, assessment reverts to current value. (There was some discussion of people holding on to properties (older folks who should and would want to move to a condo will hold on to the big house because of costs), not moving, stagnant home market, Could be hard for the next generation to own a affordable home in a good area (low inventory). (Daniel real familar with this topic)

2. One tax rate throughout the state instead of by taxing district

3. More exemptions on primary residence (only)

4. Base taxes on square footage, lot size etc. - must be easy to calculate by owners.

5. Commuter tax- research why the County Option (local) income tax was done away with. People who live in surrounding counties and work in Marion county would pay a percentage through county tax to Marion and a percentage to the county they live in.

6. No one loses their home due to not being able to pay property tax. Garnish wages, garnish state income tax refund etc.

7. Tax State owned properties such as State owned parking garages, office buildings and parks, or adjust tax rate in district to reflect the percentage of non-taxable entities

8. Reduce or eliminate offering tax abatements on buildings.

9. Base taxes on ability to pay. (means testing, state income tax returns....)

10. Eliminate property tax altogether, and instead revamp state income tax. Do away with straight tax which is too burdensome to low income people, and go to a staggered rate where those with higher income pay a progressively higher percentage of income tax. This would decrease administrative costs, and simplify system.

11. Provide a safety net for those who cannot afford higher tax bill, such as some kind of hearing process where they can present their case for why it would be unreasonable to require them to pay the higher taxes, such as limited income, or make that a legitimate reason in current appeal process.

12. In addition to protecting people going forward, include legislation that would provide retroactive solution, such as safety net that would limit percentage of someone's income that could go towards property tax with compensation owed for those taxes paid in last bill, or that would offer some venue for tax payer to challenge based on income and inability to pay.

13. Once we have nailed down our priorities, can bring in other groups with competing interests to negotiate buy-in and gain credibility with legislators. This could include MIBOR (Realtors), CIREIA (Investors and Landlords), Marion County Treasurer, Marion County Assessor, Ind. Dept. of Revenue, other state and county depts. dealing with budget, neighborhood organizations such as Meridian Kessler, Butler Tarkington, Holy Cross, Woodruff, Cottage Home, and other neighborhood orgs. around the state that have been hard hit, Libertarians, other tax protest organizations.

Please RSVP about Wed.'s mtg to me or Jenny and Ed, 916 4202 jse64art@sbcglobal.net



Anonymous said...

Nix the means testing, don't the commies love that one? Nix the mulling around of ideas trying to get older people to move out of their home-look, we die, or we come to realize on our own when to leave we don't need you deciding for us. Other than that, you are on the right track but nothing is better than eliminating the property taxes on homes.

Anonymous said...

Number 10 should be the one and only number one. The rest is just nit picking -something the legislature is good at.

Pete Boggs said...

Economist, Dr. Bill Styring explains the only solution to the property tax problem is elimination; in a two part video ( part 1 The Problem and part 2 The Solution) for which a link is posted on this website. Dr. Styring provides an excellent background on the failed history of property taxes in Indiana.

Indeed, the property tax situation is a recurring disaster because it's based on a perverted or flawed premise; that government has any legitimate interest in privately owned property or any right to abridge Constitutional rights of ownership- ideas that contradict the free market system.

Resuscitation with componential flaw is yet another fool's errand, of failure by design, the most recent name for which is HB1001. Don't confuse the shuffling of feet and turd kicking, or mere "movement" in the grass (albeit nearer the roots), with fertile purpose.

Reassembling broken parts of the failed and characteristically feudal property tax system, is a REFLEX (vs. proaction) that will perpetuate the problem and forestall the solution- elimination & replacement with a transparent method of tax.