"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hat Tip to Indiana First Lady Cheri Daniels for organizing ladies' hosted Palin acceptance speech gathering

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A shout out of thanks from HFFT to First Lady Cheri Daniels for shining your light in support of Governor Palin's nomination and our state's belief in her authentic ability and drive to reform America (before it is too late).


Pete Boggs said...

That's indeed good news. Governor Palin should be an inspiring & positive influence on Indiana, a state that needs sincere examination or illumination (consider "sincere" to be another word for genuine), of property tax elimination and replacement with a transparent tax method like sales or consumption.

Repacking the status quo in the form of HB1001 might be effective, short term incumbent protection, but it's not effective policy. Until the state housed, 4:1 matched pensioneers in our general assembly, can explain, exactly which numbers they "can't make work," in the elimination of property taxes, they, not the people, have a communication problem. Let's see their rocket scientific calculations that prove to them (hrrr-umm, hrr-umm, a little throat clearing) that the numbers don't work. Or, is that too much to ask from our "representatives?"


Senator Teresa Lubbers (Dist 30), who resides in the heart of Meridian Kessler where property taxes are crippling homeowners, was one of the politicians that Matt Tulley reported took the most taxpayer funded 401k money.

She's done nothing to help her own neighbors. She's an entrenched incumbent who is failing to help us when we need her help the most.