"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, September 15, 2008

HUGE SUCCESS: Tim Maguire's new "After Hours" Meet Up at Bazbeaux

I love the MeetUp.com social networking forum. The other day I finally got around to filling out my profile and added a lot of fun photos from our many protest rallies. Take a peek, you might be in some of the pics. If you have a minute or two, create a meet up profile for yourself and come to one of the many different events hosted by Indy's most politically active conservatives.

I had a feeling that Tim Maguire's new "After Hours" Meet Up was going to be popular. Twenty-one libertarians and conservatives attended the meeting. That's impressive for any first meet-up night...especially one from a third party. Tim and his wife, Allison came on the scene last year when they marched in every tax rally and campaigned for city council at-large seats. Tim is somewhat of a regular guest on the Abdul in the Morning show. Tim also runs a newer blog called, Justice and Fortitude.

One of the main discussion topics was the upcoming election. The group was eclectic. Many attendees stated their minds are not made up yet. Everyone voiced a longing for Ron Paul to be on the ticket, although the group is not a Paulite meet up. EVERYONE talked about the mounting U.S. debt, the bailouts, and the scary state of our country's finances.

Surprisingly, only a couple people there felt sure about voting for the McCain Palin ticket. Several said Bob Barr would get their vote, and a couple are going to write in Chuck Baldwin who is running on the Constitution Party ticket. No one said they plan to vote for Obama.

Curiously, the Obama Campaign for Change Meet-ups don't have the juice and are only getting one reservation per meet up lately.

Meanwhile at recent Libertarian led meetings, we have to add tables to our group throughout the evening to accomodate all the arrivals. Does that mean the Libertarians are more popular than Obamamanics these days? Well it sure seems so at the Broad Ripple Bazbeaux last night.

Other meet-ups of note include Sean Shepard's FairTax and Bob Barr meet up. Sean is our local expert on the FairTax. There is also the long-standing Libertarian meet up hosted by John Meusser.

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Melyssa said...

Apologies to John Mueser and the other hosts of the meeting for not giving credit. I swear I thought Tim planned the whole thing cause got my original invite from Tim Maguire and I thought he planned the meeting. Everyone really deserves a pat on the back for the new meetup. I predict it will get bigger (like the internet).