"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama Crimes website gets 17.1 million hits; meanwhile the Obama citizenship lawsuit marches forward

With all the bailout news, we've not checked in on the Obama citizenship lawsuit filed by fellow democrat Phil Berg in Pennsylvania. On Saturday the Obama campaign filed for it to be dismissed. Phil Berg isn't going away so easy and filed an answer with the court on Monday.

To keep up with the lawsuit, check in Obamacrimes.com They've posted pdf's of the legal documents.

To date Obama has not produced a legit birth certificate with seal. Now why would that be? Unless of course he doesn't have one!


Todd Plugg said...

If you write this filthy crap based on the rantings of a 9/11 conspiracist, at least have the courage to post the comments you get. Coward. Hiding behind your poncho.

melyssa said...

"Todd", in case you haven't noticed, the whole country feels this way including ALL of the talk radio show pundits.

Maybe you should get a life and consider what YOU can do for your country. I think attacking me constantly on this site is not helping anyone and it certainly does not have impact on my course of action.

Todd Plugg said...

You obviously can't read the polls properly. The whole country does not "feel this way" about Obama, whatever that means. That's not surprising. And I hardly "attack" you on this website with any sort of frequency.

I am moved to respond, though, when you're shoving inaccurate reports out into the blogosphere, brimming with conspiracy theory and simmering with such bipolar grandiosity, I feel I have to say something. But really, you're not worth the effort. After the election, you will find someone else to go after, and you will again fail. And it will be someone else's fault. This has happened again and again. We all have seen it. I'm not striving to impact your course of action. I applaud it. It provides amusement for many people. Keep doing it.

And for your information, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, and Anne Coulter do not represent "ALL talk show radio pundits."

I'm doing plenty for my country. I am voting for Obama and manning the polls, going door to door to register voters, participating in the democratic process. I'm not sitting at Angie's List on company time getting bent out of shape about something I don't understand and calling people communists, non-citizens, and accusing them of being Muslim.

And please encourage your cronies to write in a vote. You'll just be taking votes away from John McCain and your buddy Sarah Palin. You'll see. Enjoy the election, Melyssa.

melyssa said...

"Todd" (most assuredly not the coward's real name) is typical of the mindless masses that follow Obama.

I was going to vote for Obama as early as last February. I liked the idea of a president whose skin color was the same as most of the world. I was taken by his charisma.

And I stopped believing everything mainstream media says a long time ago.

You're missing out on a lot by having such a closed mind.