"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OMG! Daily Kos supports HR 2755, The Act to Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank!`

To America's Representatives on Capitol Hill:

Are you a Congressman pondering your fate as America is hostage to financial terrorism by the Fed's mouthpieces who claim the world is going to fall apart if we don't bailout Wall Street, General Motors, AIG, and Freddie/Fannie and any other loser business they want to save with your money.

Doesn't that sound like a scam to you?

Well guess what? Help is at hand. We The People know exactly what you need to do to ensure you are re-elected. And if you are a challenger, all you need to do is get behind our plan and promote HR 2755 as the right path for America! HR 2755 is the Act To Abolish The Federal Reserve Bank over a twelve to eighteen month period.

It has occurred to America that we are being forced to "save" these companies by borrowing more money than we can possibly pay back and borrowing it with interest due. This act of financial terrorism not only woke America up but it united Americans across party lines against the real predator within our government.

We hope that Congress now realizes in the last two weeks America's sleeping majority woke up! Now it seems that the Fed's dirty secret is out. Everyone realizes that The Fed is a private banking cartel and they print money out of thin air...money that we have to pay back later with interest. Money that benefits them and never us. And if we can never pay back the money then we are nothing more than sharecroppers, locked into perpetual slavery to The Fed forever.

The Fed's dirty secret isn't secret anymore, it's just dirty.

Since Hoosiers For Fair Taxation first launched a campaign last week to get our Congressmen to cosponsor HR2755, I keep a close eye on who is blogging about it. Little did I guess last week that the Daily Kos would on board...but they ARE!

So there you have it Congress! Get behind HR 2755 and you'll get votes from Democrats, Republicans, AND Libertarians next month!

And to The People out there. Keep calling your Congressman's office. They actually like hearing from you. Be sure to thank the good ones that voted against the bailout. And tell the other Congressmen who voted to keep you and our future generations indebted to the Fed forever, that you will vigorously campaign against them. In a couple more days they will have a new bailout plan drafted. Make sure you keep calling Congress and keep the heat on!

Voted to keep you free from the bondage of debt
Pence, Carson, Burton, Visclosky, Buyer, Hill

Voted to enslave you to The Fed
Ellsworth, Donnelly, Souder


StillWind said...

Talk about going off half cocked. Please give a viable alternative to the Fed.


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Chazz...the sky didn't fall as predicted by the Fed. In fact, things look normal for an economy in a recession.

IF the sky was going to fall as the Fed suggested, then perhaps the market would not BE UP 485 POINTS at close today!

As far as the alternative you ask for, just look at HR2755. The answer is contained within.

The Fed bluffed and America almost fell for it.

The technology guys wanna know where their bailout is? Why do the investment guys get all the attention? ---sarcasm----

StillWind said...

First, the Bill says nothing about who will assume the duties of managing our monetary system, only that the Sec. of Treasury will oversee the dissolution of the agreement.

If you don't trust Paulson now, why would you trust him in the future?

Second, this isn't over. Will the market take care of itself and come out? Of course it will. The only question is how much damage are you willing to accept before it does?

Regardless of how this is "fixed" people like me are going to end up paying for it. There simply isn't any alternative.

If the Gov. moves soon to intervene, I may not have to lose my house.

At any rate, I still haven't heard an alternative to managing our monetary policy, so please explain exactly how you would do that.