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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Canadian Press: Washington citizen files suit requesting that secretary of state prove Obama natural born citizen

Citizen files Lawsuit Against demanding verification of Barack Obama’s citizenship status

By Online Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Steven Marquis, a resident of Fall City WA today filed suit in Washington State Superior Court against Secretary of State Sam Reed demanding verification of Barack Obama’s citizenship status.

The complaint seeks specifically that the office of the Washington Secretary of State verify and certify that Mr. Obama is or is not a “natural born” citizen by producing original or certified verifiable official documents. The lawsuit argues that this certification should take place before the election to preclude a constitutional crisis and likely civil unrest should such certification, after the election, prove that Mr. Obama was not qualified for office.

The Complaint argues that the Secretary of State has the authority and duty to not only certify the voters but also and most importantly the candidates and in so doing prevent the wholesale disenfranchisement of voters who would had had an opportunity to choose from qualified candidates had the certification preceded the election process.

At this point, Mr. Obama has not allowed independent or official access to his birth records nor supporting hospital records. The Hawaii Health Department has violated Federal law by ignoring formal Freedom of Information requests for the same. Due to the facts and numerous other allegations that would challenge Mr. Obama’s fundamental qualifications for office, a Federal lawsuit was filed and is currently being heard in District Court, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Obama failed to respond to the District Court’s request to produce or allow access to the official documents (should they exist) and instead filed a motion to dismiss arguing the Plaintiff had no “standing” or right to know. This non-response as of 9/24/2008 in Federal court casts doubt on the veracity of the electoral system and is the principal reason for this lawsuit. The late entry of this suit is due in principal part to Mr. Obama’s delay and subsequent non response to reasonable request for valid certificates. Multiple requests for early certification to the Office of the Secretary of State has been rejected.

[clarification: The district court process itself demands a response from Mr. Obama. When a complaint is filed, the defendant has an opportunity to respond to the judge regarding the plaintiffs request for a preliminary injunction. Obama did respond, but not with the requested documentation, not even minimally so. He responded with a motion for dismissal based on “standing” rather than the merits of the case]

The Washington Secretary of State Office is specifically charged with certifying and guaranteeing the veracity of official documents and overseeing the elections to wit the people’s confidence in the fundamental aspect of democracy is maintained. To date, in this regard, Secretary of State Sam Reed has not carried out that fundamental duty.

This lawsuit demands injunctive relief directing Sam Reed, Secretary of State, carry out the duty of his office in this regard answering the formal complaints for verification of Mr. Obama and any other candidate appearing on the ballots issues through his office for which formal complaints have been received.

Interested Parties may contact Plaintive as follows:
Contact: Steve Marquis
Telephone Number: 425-698-7084
Email Address: peoplesvoice@peoplespassions.org
Web site address: http://peoplespassions.org/peoplesvoice/peoplesvoice.html


blackrain said...

I can clear this up. If you are born to a United States citizen, which his mother was, then you are a United States citizen. Stop witch hunting, or is it something else?

Anonymous said...

There are now two lawsuits concerning Obama's citizenry. I checked out the facts, the lawsuits do indeed exist and Obama has not produced an official birth certificate. Perhaps you should update yourself with the facts concerning each case which are linked.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

"I can clear this up. If you are born to a United States citizen, which his mother was, then you are a United States citizen."

Nice try, liberal. But wrong on the facts.

Severine said...

Blackrain, she's witch hunting and a troublemaker. Last week, Obama was a communist. The week before, he was responsible for the sub-prime lending fiasco. The week before that, Congress was spying on her. It's always something with Melyssa. Obviously she has yet to learn that being nasty does not votes. Trust me, take anything written on this blog with a grain of salt. Of course, this will probably never be posted.

melyssa said...

Wonder why it hits such a nerve that HFFT reports on two pending lawsuits against a candidate for the presidency that our corporate controlled mainstream media does not?

If Sarah Palin or McCain had lawsuits pending against them, wouldn't you want to know?

Could it be that there really IS something to these TWO lawsuits? And then we also have the FBI investigation into the illegal voter registration activities of taxpayer funded ACORN.

I've learned where there is smoke there is often a big old fire!

There are in fact TWO lawsuits pending against Obama in challenge to the requirements set forth in the U.S. Constitution to be POTUS.

I'm an American citizen and defender of the U.S. Constitution.

Relatively speaking, would you not be the one on a witch hunt?

melyssa said...

And by the way...I personally was in support of Obama as early as February this year and was planning to vote for him. I like the guy, I just don't think he's forthcoming enough to the American people.

God knows, we don't need another secretive president like Bush was/is.

blackrain said...

Please, you people, get an education! Here are the facts.

Through birth abroad to one United States citizen
For persons born on or after November 14, 1986, a person is a U.S. citizen if all of the following are true:[4]
One of the person's parents was a U.S. citizen when the person in question was born;
The citizen parent lived at least 5 years in the United States before his or her child's birth; and
At least 2 of these 5 years in the United States were after the citizen parent's 14th birthday.

Do your research and stop wasting people's time, with false propaganda. Thank you

Anonymous said...

There is more too the case. Otherwise the judge, who has had the case for weeks, would have honored the DNC's and Obama's Motion to Dismiss long ago.

Also, the case is filed by a democrat.

Downtown Indy said...

Thank you blackrain. Was Obama born on or after November 14, 1986?

The rest of that passage says:

"Your record of birth abroad, if registered with a U.S. consulate or embassy, is proof of your citizenship. You may also apply for a passport to have your citizenship recognized. If you need additional proof of your citizenship, you may file a Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship. You may download the form from the Immigration Forms section of this website.

* If you were born before November 14, 1986, you are a citizen if your U.S. citizen parent lived in the United States for at least 10 years and 5 of those years in the United States were after your citizen parent's 14th birthday."

You probably relied on that bastion of 'knowledge', Wikipedia, which only partially covers the subject:


rather than a more authoratative source:


the latter also starts out by saying:

"If you were born in the United States (including, in most cases, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), you are an American citizen at birth (unless you were born to a foreign diplomat). Your birth certificate is proof of your citizenship."

Anonymous said...

If he was born in 1986, that would make him too young to be president

Severine said...

The "Democrat" who is clamoring about this suit is also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Blackrain is right, stop wasting people's time. Snopes.com, the ultimate in urban legend debunking, clearly explains the citizenship issue. Apparently, people have also gone after McCain's citizenship. Not surprisingly, none of that is discussed here.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys read the original lawsuit - Berg v. Obama? Obama's mother was 18 when she gave birth to her son, and if it was outside the US, she does not have the "5 years after age 14" clause. Also, when she registered her son aka Barry Soetoero for school in Indonesia, she renounced her son's US citizenship so he could attend school there. Non-Indonesian citizens were not permitted to attend school in Indonesia. You should all go to justia.com and view the court documents: http://dockets.justia.com/docket/court-paedce/case_no-2:2008cv04083/case_id-281573/
Mr. Obama only needs to answer the suit and provide the requested documents...since he is stonewalling, I also am beginning to wonder what he has to hide...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday it was mentioned that the lawsuit initiator, Phil Berg, is assisting the African Press (API) in releasing a tape of Michelle Obama that acknowledges her busband to be an Indonesian citizen. This news came out yesterday and can be seen at www.Americasright.com


We don't discuss the McCain citizenship matter because:

1. Physical documentation was presented

2. McCain's parents are BOTH American citizens

3. There is no lawsuit pending that challenges McCain's citizenship.

We DO discuss Obama's citizenship because to date there are at least two separate lawsuits surrounding the question of whether he meets the constitutional requirement to serve as POTUS