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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

City Councilor-at-large, Ed Coleman, against giving water company power to fine citizens'

Ed Coleman sounds like a good Libertarian here and is acting as a good Republican should! We don't like the idea of giving the water company power to turn off a service we pay for either, Ed. Thanks for the heads up. Here's the letter he sent to us today:

Hey All,

I wanted to throw out something here to you all for discussion. There is a proposal that will be heard on Tuesday that propose's that the water company be given the right to fine and even terminate service to individuals who use water their lawns during an announced water conservation time. There are other parts in it, so I will attach the proposal for you all to view.

My position at this time is that I will not support it. I think that it is unfair to the citizens of the Indianapolis. The proposal only applies to those people living in the "Consolidated City". It will not apply to those in the four excluded cities and towns within our borders. Also, it will not apply to those people in other counties that receive their water from the same pipes that we receive ours. That means the people of Carmel and other towns outside of the county can continue to use water with no penalty even though it comes from the same place.

Also, I find in to be ridiculous to allow a private companies employee's to determine who is in violation and to give the fines. Just because Veolia runs the water does not mean they own it. But if they determine you have excessively violated the ordinance they can decide on their own to cut you off. Unless you have a well, you have no choice as to where the water comes from. Should an employee of Veolia have the right to cut you off? NO.

I could go on and on, but I want to hear what you all think. This will be heard Tuesday evening during the Rules and Public Policy meeting. If you feel as I do, I suggest attending and speaking against this proposal. We don't need government telling us how to use the water that we pay for. A point to note: an official drought has only occurred and handful of times in our lifetimes.

Ed Coleman,

Councilor, At-Large

Indianapolis City-County Council


h - (317) 859-0393

c - (317) 691-4505


Anonymous said...

Veolia is acting like their buddy, Bart, is still in charge around here.

Anonymous said...

Well, the socialist style is infiltrating even the water company which has a number of issues it should solve. Actually this is such a poorly run company toward its customers-which I assume is managed my Viola yet. Reading meters every two months or more-Billing and reading errors and nasty threats. No, they should not have to power to threaten fines especially ones they cannot prove.They don't even have the man power to read meters monthly. Frankly Americans, you really need to step up to fight some of what is going in this country before you have zero voice against the new gestapo forming.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Councilor Coleman for bringing this to people's attention. I agree with your assessment of this proposal.

I hope you will find this blogsite a valuable tool to get these kinds of messages out to citizens. Some of us no longer can afford the local newspaper (the online version is so chock full of spam it's ridiculous), though we're not missing much anyway given the low bar they now hold themselves to in reporting news. Anyway, thanks again for sharing this with us (and you too HFFT).