"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Forcing Debate: HFFT successfully applies pressure to Senator Lubbers (district 30)

There was a debate scheduled between the Indiana Senate candidates for district 30. It was to have taken place on October 26th, until incumbent Senator Lubbers backed out due to the serious illness of one of her opponents, democrat Todd DeGroff.

Evidenced by the large number of Keltner political signs popping up on the Northside, many residents believe that Steve Keltner is the best person to represent district 30. All residents deserve a chance to hear how Keltner compares to the incumbent and learn more about his policy ideas in depth.

Last weekend several of our readers worked the polls at the northside satellite voting center and applied enough public pressure that Lubbers finally consented and agreed to a debate this coming Sunday.

Steve Keltner's Website
Teresa Lubber's Website

Sunday, November 2 @ 7pm
Butler University - Atherton Union Reilly Room
Moderator: Amos Brown of Radio Now


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Lubbers. She supported legislation to put the property tax caps in place (1% in 2010 for homeowners) and give us a voice on referendums like changing the assessment system (vote "YES") and the $268 million bond issue (vote "NO"). I am still surprised that taxpayer groups have been so silent on the excessive, bloated and ill timed IPS bond issue. This bond issue is a "cap buster" and is over and, if passed, is above the 1% It will cost IPS homeownerns a bundle for 20 years. How will anyone take taxpayers seriously if this goes through and it looks like it will.

Pete Boggs said...

Will Senator Lubbers back out of the legislature, due to the financial illness (failing due to abuse & neglect of legislative malpractice) of property taxpayers whom she's abandoned?

Pete Boggs said...

OK Anon, a little clean up on the tax craps,which is a game of legislative cowar-dice; capping a variable (annual trending "market value" assessment system) is a gimmick where taxpayers foolishly & perversly agree to pay perpetual increases in taxes, based upon a system that has NO STANDARD. Try running your business or profession this way & let us know how it works out.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the debate last night. Why no post?