"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Indy Star endorses entrenched incumbent insider Teresa Lubbers in Senate district 30 race; LAVISHES PRAISE ON STEVE KELTNER

The corporate controlled Gannett owned Indy Star editors never endorse anyone but entrenched political elites, however, in this case their writer went out of the way to speak highly of Steve Keltner's qualifications to hold this office and his plans for legislation that will cut taxes, save millions, and energize our state's economy while benefitting Hoosiers.

They also let the public know that challenger Todd DeGroff is ill. Thanks to Advance Indiana for also acknowledging DeGroff's severe illness.

They did not mention that Teresa Lubbers takes plenty of money from the spouses of lobbyists, that Teresa Lubbers broke her promise to whistle-blower Diane Vice and let TREMCO roofing lobbyists testify, or that Teresa Lubbers did virtually nothing for the homeowners in her own neighborhood greatly suffering from huge property tax hikes in a declining real estate market.

The endorsement did not mention that Teresa Lubbers made Matt Tully's Top 10 List of lawmakers who squirrel away the most taxpayer matched 401k funds. As of last year, Lubbers took an additional $120,000 from us!

Steve Keltner is getting ready to make a media buy for two commercials which will help combat the mainstream media's stranglehold on public opinion. Commercials are not nearly as expensive as you think and some spots can be bought for as low as $2. Most cost around $10 to $30 per spot. Please watch Commercial #1 and Commercial #2. If you would like to help Steve put more spots on the air, please help out your city by helping to put the best candidate for the taxpayer (not the political elites) on the air. DONATE HERE

District 30 (Indy Star Article)
Voters in this Northside district have been presented with an intriguing matchup between Republican incumbent Teresa Lubbers and a well-qualified third-party candidate, Libertarian Steve Keltner.

The third candidate in the race, Democrat Todd DeGroff, has been hampered by a severe illness.

Lubbers has earned a reputation as one of the General Assembly's leading authorities on education issues. She's helped push through legislation to establish full-day kindergarten, create and nurture charter schools and raise standards for teachers.

Lubbers also has built a strong record on fiscal conservatism and economic development.

Keltner, who works in emergency medicine and teaches at Butler University, describes himself as a "practical Libertarian.'' He's developed thoughtful, reasoned proposals on health care, education and taxes.

Keltner's emergence as a candidate is another encouraging sign that the Libertarian Party in Indiana is beginning to mature.With that said, Lubbers remains one of the General Assembly's leading lights. Based on her history of strong public service, she earns The Star's endorsement.


Anonymous said...

Lubbers out, Keltner in....this is a no brainer, folks!

Time to get rid of the political class that has permanently entrenched itself with lobbyist money. Let's quit enabling more centralized government with our tax dollars that should be staying in our pockets.


Diana Vice said...

I agree, bstar. Lubbers' husband has close political ties with the governor, and Lubbers listens to lobbyists over constituents. There are too many conflicts-of-interests for her to be trusted to do the right thing. She's a typical politician, and it's too bad, because she had a real opportunity to be a statesman and she blew it when she broke her word to Indiana citizens and showed special favoritism to an out-of-state multi-million dollar corporation after she met with their lobbyists behind closed doors. I'd love to support her, but she's violated my trust.