"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 2008: Theft of America by the Fed, an immoral Congress, controlled media, and greed


Anonymous said...

So-called Economics is a Rockefeller con-job

The so-called science of economics is, to a large extent, a con-job created by the Rockefellers and their clan of robber barons. In reality it is a camouflaged system for extracting tribute payments from the masses. To understand this, think of the U.S. economy (and many other economies) as an ancient Babylonian or Egyptian kingdom. Replace control over the central bank with control over grain reserves and think of workers who are not in primary industries as slaves who receive their grain reserves from the god king. Then imagine the god king wants to spend as much money for his own glory and as little for his slaves as possible. The king decides to set everyone to the job of building a pyramid. So, he tells his subjects that the key to their happiness is something called Gross National Pyramid. The king wants his pyramid finished quickly so he decides that both males and females should be set to work on its construction. He also decreed that workers must work 10 or 12 hours a day instead of the previous 8. Furthermore, he orders rations cut for workers who do not meet their quota. To keep the workers from protesting, he restricts their access to information, forces them to attend thousands of hours of brainwashing sessions and uses a large portion of his grain reserves to hire an army of mercenaries to keep watch over the slaves. The news bulletins the masses are permitted to see announce that everybody is happier now because the pyramid is bigger and better than ever before and the aristocracy is leading ever more decadent lifestyles. Somehow, the masses know there is something wrong with the situation but they are not quite sure what it is because it has been so cleverly disguised. This essentially, is how the U.S. economy really works. Just remember that GNP really means Gross National Pyramid, not Product. The Rockefellers have forced middle-class incomes down and forced both men and women to work in order to finance some giant secret project. They have also artificially jacked up the price of oil and put people into debt in order to extract even more from everybody. Americans and Japaneese are being impoverished to finance their long-term goal is to enslave all of humanity. To make economics work for the people instead of for the robber barons, it is essential that the government shift its priority economic goal away from increasing GNP. A new standard should use mean income (the level at which half of all people are either above or below) and overall happiness as the goal of economic policy makers.


The 263-171 roll call Friday by which the House approved a $700 billion government bailout bill for the battered financial industry.




Evan Bayh
Richard Lugar
Carson (flipped his vote today)

Tadd Plogg said...

:-). Have fun, Ann. I told you.

Anonymous said...


And now?

And now, they tell us it’s not enough.

It’s never enough.

A Senate staffer compiled these headlines. Read ‘em and weep:

Rescue Package May Not Fully Thaw Credit Markets

“Therefore, any rally from Fed actions will be short lived.”

Buffett: $700B Bailout may not be big enough

“A continued correction in credit supply, fiscal receipts, investment, employment and consumer balance sheets is inevitable.”

Experts say government’s approach comes up short

Bailout plan could be a disaster

Melyssa said...

Tadd Plogg is someone with a name cloaked (faked) and is referring to me as Ann, my middle name. My former clients used to know me as "Miss Ann".

This individual turned up this week posting nasty comments to me here after I took a very vocal stance the bailout. The comments left mostly reference my former career, as a dominatrix with a penchant public humiliation.

I published most of "Tadd's" comments just to show the public what kind of an individual is lurking and to make a point about its lack of character (and courage).

This blog's timestamp is on PST not EST. I checked my weblog to see where Tad came from. And guess what? The nasty critter is sitting right inside Capitol Hill, most likely in one of our Congressional offices.

Here's the IP information for "Tadd Plogg":


I took a snapshot of all the web traffic during the time between 5:20pm and 5:35pm today.

The only two people on HFFT during that time were me and Tadd at the house.gov IP.

Wanna bet the trace on the IP will lead to Carson's office?

"Tadd" posted as "Todd Plug" a few days ago, all over the post I wrote indicating the ObamaCrimes website has 1.7 million hits.
Here's the link to that post:

Sean Shepard said...

Thieves who work in or for Congress shouldn't be throwing stones or judging anyone.

I'm glad Pence, Burton and even Buyer (who still needs to co-sponsor The FairTax) showed some sense.

I figured Andre would flip.

Anonymous said...

Here's another comment left on October 1st by Todd Plugg on a post I wrote linking Obama & Co. to the mortgage meltdown. Again, folks, these comments are absolutely coming from someone using a computer in a Congressional office. I have the web stat logs saved. Somebody is going to be very embarassed.

Todd Plugg said...
Big Bird, I think it's great that you take down these politicians with your well researched rants. How about not being such a coward hiding behind your poncho and your crocs and your little slave and post the comments you get. As always you can dish it out but can't take it. Classic bully behavior never changes. Courage, big bird, post the comments you are really getting and not just the ones you can spin as attacks, then answer as "anonymous" to make a feeble attempt to build yourself back up. Witch.