"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Democrat Sen. Diane Wilkerson caught on video stuffing cash bribes into her bra

Massachusetts State Senator Diane Wilkerson was arrested for having succumbed to a virulent case of Politician’s Disease, commonly known as corruption.

Wilkerson was caught on camera stuffing ten Franklins (also known as hundred dollar bills for over-taxed Americans who have never seen one) into her bra during a “money-for-legislative influence” sting operation run by undercover FBI agents.

In all, she’s charged with taking $23,500 in bribes, a major haul that must have required at least a pair of size 46 double-D cups.

The libertarian solution to official corruption is different than most:
1. Do away with government and you do away with corrupt government officials.

2. Barring that unlikely scenario, forbid governments at all levels from doing anything that isn’t expressly permitted by their constitutions. That will eliminate about 90% or so of virtually every government in America. When there’s little “legislative influence” to sell to eager lobbyist buyers it gets rid of 90% or so of the corruption.

But, since the people who make the laws are the people who benefit most from the “money-for-legislative influence” scam, that suggestion won’t be turned into policy any time soon either.

So, guys, next time you’re down at the local Bump & Grind stuffing your federal reserve notes into a stripper’s g-string remember that it’s after-tax money you’re giving the girlies. The taxbucks skimmed from your paycheck before you ever saw them will end up padding some politico’s brassiere.

At least at the Bounce & Flounce you may actually be getting something worthwhile in return for your bribe money.


Anonymous said...

What a week. I rather give my money to the honest employees of the Bounce and Flounce than letting pirates like Washington Township & Senator Wilkerson have it.

dianthoma said...

Well, if I had taken my ex's last name when we were married for 23 years, that would have been my name, and I would have really taken umbrage at the situation and your reporting of it. Fortunately I was such a women's libber then, and have my maiden name to save me. What precognition.

Lady Di H.

Jon G said...

What's the difference with this sort of bribary and what goes on with lobbyists on a regular basis?
How does one go into Congress or the Senate a pauper (monetarily) and come out rich without taking bribes, either legally (lobby money) or illegally (bribary). I guess I can't make a distinction between the two.


There is no difference at all with this kind of bribery. I chose to put the story here because it illustrates just how brazen they have become.