"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Greed is alive and well in Washington Township

If there is a Poster-Child for self indulgent Township boards, it was last night's Washington Township Board, who voted themselves a 60% salary raise, despite a packed room who was shocked. 4 Democrats voted yes for the raise against 3 Republicans who were against it. Channel 6 has the report. (yes, the sign in the video is mine).

Township Board Tells Voters Where To Go and What to Do With Themselves When They Get There!!!

The Washington Township Board tonight told its citizens to go have sex with themselves and by a 4-3 vote gave itself a near 60 percent raise. The board took no public input and raised its pay from $2200 a year to more than $3600. Who still wants township government?

I am now more than ever convinced that the only difference between a township board member and a Somali pirate are jet skis and a rocket launcher.

I spoke to Washington Township Board President Ray Baker this morning. He told me the raises were necessary because the township has a lot of work to do, even though it doesn’t have a fire department anymore. He says says the township has to sell land, cell phone towers and consolidate office space. He also says the public doesn’t understand township government and it would take too long to educate them.

Really? Here’s your opportunity to get educated from the people who voted “yes”.

Ray Baker, 327-481 or 257-5677, rbclimited@att.net
Joe Simpson, 283-4096, jesimp@earthlink.net
Mary Orea, 925-0079, mary.orea@centergov.org
David Smith, 796-5069, dfsinvol09@yahoo.com

If you call be respectful, polite and don’t get personal and I’m sure the Board members won’t mind spending time with you explaining why they voted themselves a 60 percent raise.


Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable! And yet many of the people who put these folks in office will soon be whining over their property tax bills.

Connect the dots! You can't let schools build swimming pools, let administrators have the job perks of kings, or allow Township government to have unfettered ability to spend, and not understand that YOU, the taxpayer, will be footing these bills!

This is a wake-up call and the choice is ours, as taxpayers, to either roll over and go back to sleep or get up and take action. I hope for the latter.

David Myers said...

Here is my letter:
Thanks for your support:

With the vote on your pay raises, I want to thank you in supporting our views and direction of abolish township goverment. I would not put a great deal of money on re-election or even anyother democrat that thinks they want to run for your sit nex election. The republican party thanks you as they did the democrats in Marion County with the run for city council and Mayor's race

xxxx xxxxx
Just a concern taxpayer.