"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Rahm Emanuel: Change we can believe in.

From CNSNews.com
President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for White House chief of staff is one of the biggest recipients of Wall Street money in Congress, according to a Washington, D.C.-based “money-in-politics” watchdog group. The Center for Responsive Politics has issued a report highlighting millions of dollars in campaign contributions that Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) has raised from individuals working in the hedge fund industry, private equity firms, and large investment firms.

Emanuel has raised more money from individuals and political action committees in securities and investment businesses than from any other industry. This comes after a presidential campaign that saw Obama frequently criticize Wall Street and blamed lack of government regulations for the economic crisis that hit the country in mid-September.

Emanuel, a former Clinton White House aide, is chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and received much of the credit for the Democrats winning a majority in the House of Representatives in 2006 – the first time in 12 years. For his own 2006 re-election campaign, where he faced no serious opposition, Emanuel raised $1.5 million from the investment industry. His other sources of contributions came from lawyers, who gave $682,900, while people working in the entertainment industries gave $376,100.

Though Obama did not accept contributions directly from lobbyists during his campaign, Washington lobbyists have given Emanuel $136,640 since he was elected. Emanuel is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which overseas tax legislation, making him “a popular industry target,” the report said.

Employees from private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners contributed $93,600 to his various campaigns since he was first elected to Congress in 2002. Emanuel, who worked as an investment banker after President Bill Clinton left the White House, was elected to Congress in 2002. He has a net worth of between $5 million and $13.2 million, according to his 2007 financial disclosure form. Other top contributors to Emanuel’s campaigns have been employees of UBS, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, also financial sources for Obama’s presidential campaign.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what an intricate web we weave. Israeli citizen Rahm Emmanuel's brother is the Hollywood agent for Michael Moore - the one who presented the Saudi's and Bin Laden as the likely suspects who colluded with the Bush Admin in the 9/11 attacks.

The only citizens arrested for driving van's away from NY with explosicves on 9/11 were Israeli. And the ones arrested in NJ for filming the first impacts and dancing with glee were also Israeli. Just as Murdoch's News Corp is the FOX gaurding the media henhouse, a real fox is now gaurding it's White House.

The slow coup d'etat that's usurped our government is near completion. Buckle up because this ride could go anywhere. American voters are no longer in control.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing period in American politics. I personally didn’t vote for Obama but am truly inspired by the positivity and global reaction resulting from his election, at least so far. His energy is addicting and his demeanor inspiring. I think Rahm Emanuel will do a phenomenal job as Obama’s chief of staffs. He’s hard nosed, stubborn, and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Obama’s story is truly American. I’d wish to dive into Obama’s mind and discover his motives and internal dialog. To go through a year of campaigning is very difficult, but to go through a year of campaigning and deliver a speech like he did that is truly inspirational. I’m excited about to see how he really attacks global warming and the energy crisis.

What’s also fascinating is looking at the dynamic of who voted, how they voted, and what drove them to vote. Obama’s campaign created a wave of energy that grew bigger and bigger as his campaign moved forward, engulfing (in a good way) each supporter and supercharging them. How did they do this? It all started with a vision. Obama’s vision, planted deep within his mind, began to take root almost 2 years ago today. The power of his vision can teach every American citizen about how to accomplish goals using the powers of visualization and intention.

I looked into this vision questing further and found that many super-successful people have been using vision boards to help focus their mind and accomplish their dreams. A vision board is a collage of images pasted on a board that represent your desired outcomes, your goals, and dreams. By studying your vision board, your brain gains clarity on what is important to your success, the things you MUST accomplish. I found a site www.TheVisionBoardKit.com that allows you to download a free 8-step power plan to creating vision boards. I’d highlight recommend downloading it.


The anonymous tipster above posted the very same words as comments on THIS article written by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune:

"Emmanuel pick an example of change machine politics we can believe in"

It took only 36 hours for President-elect Barack Obama to take the off ramp from the Change We Can Believe In Highway and slam his foot on the gas in the express lanes of the Chicago Way.

Because with his first official act, Obama selected a Chicago Daley machine guy for his chief of staff, U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Tomczak).

So much for transcending politics as we know it, eh? . . .

Among Chicago politicians, the Emanuel announcement was treated with enthusiasm. But it was enthusiasm of the political salivary gland at the prospect of federal pork and leverage. . . .
As they say in Chicago, they can smell the meat a'cooking ...
Washington media types talk about him as a Clinton guy, but Emanuel is really a Chicago City Hall guy. At City Hall, the unwritten rule is we don't want nobody nobody sent. The guy who sent Emanuel to then-candidate Bill Clinton in 1991 is named Daley. Bill Daley, the mayor's brother.

Loyal readers know why I put the (D-Tomczak) at the end of Emanuel's name. It refers to the corrupt Daley administration Water Department boss, Donald Tomczak, now in federal prison in Duluth, Minn. He sits there because he was convicted of bribery. Emanuel didn't have anything to do with that. But he was a political beneficiary of Tomczak and the Chicago Way.

Two years ago, at the federal trial of Mayor Daley's patronage chiefs--who were eventually convicted for building an illegal political army of city patronage workers to maintain the mayor's control on Chicago--Tomczak was a key witness.

And he testified that he was ordered to put his political regiments on the streets in 2002 to elect Emanuel and defeat a liberal Democratic grass-roots candidate. The mayor put hundreds of political hacks on the city payroll stumping for Emanuel back then. Tomczak controlled them. They were afraid not to work the precincts. It was the only way for them to get promotions.

Emanuel was elected. So if there wasn't a Tomczak, putting the army out for Emanuel, then Emanuel wouldn't have been in Congress. Emanuel really can't stand it when I mention Tomczak, and he has told me so, personally. He's entitled.

"You're right," he said in a newsroom confrontation a few years ago. "You keep mentioning him in connection with me in your column. That bothers me because I'm more than that."

I agree. He's an able political infighter, and if you were in a fight, you'd probably want Emanuel with you. He's smart and ruthless, and he knows politics. Perhaps that's why Obama chose him. But it's not reform.

The 5th District will now need a new congressman. That decision will be made by another Emanuel ally who never gets the proper credit from the Washington media: the prince of Rush Street and Aruba, state Sen. James DeLeo (D-How You Doin?).

DeLeo is the Democratic state central committeeman of Emanuel's district. He has known Obama and Emanuel for years. He's also been quite busy lately, worried about reports that the FBI is interested in his activities, from leasing luxury cars like Bentleys and Jaguars, to billboard companies, and his longtime relationship with newly indicted Republican power broker William Cellini.

But I called his office anyway, to ask whom he would choose to succeed Emanuel in the U.S. House and whether he'll consult the new White House chief of staff on a replacement.

"He's not available," said his secretary.

Is Jimmy in Aruba at the casino?

"No," she said.

Is he on vacation, getting a suntan?

"No," she said. "He's in town. I'll take a message."

I'm still waiting for the call. . .



Oh...and there's the link to the Chicago Tribune article.