"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ROAD TRIP SATURDAY: Louisville "End The Fed" rally

HFFT activists are organizing a carpool caravan for next Saturday's national END THE FED rally at Louisville's Federal Reserve Bank. We will join simultaneous rallies at every Federal Reserve across America.

The rally is planned to bring more public awareness of an Act authored by Congressman Ron Paul (TX) , House Resolution 2755, a proposal to abolish The Federal Reserve Board.

Barack Obama's win as our nation's first black president, shows a great social achievement for America. He unites our humanity across racial divides toward a common dream of hope for a better tomorrow. And where there is hope, there lies possibility for faith. And faith always carries a duty for action. Hopefully some of you have not yet lost your faith in America. We have not. That's why we continue work together to right her wrongs.

Now we must make equally great strides on the fiscal front. It is critical that we confront the handling of our money by the group of bankers, known as The Federal Reserve Bank or The Fed. The Fed is not federal and there are no reserves. The bankers controlling The Fed are the most powerful individuals in the world. However, there are more of us, we have free speech, we have the internet, and we have ability to shine light on our problems in order that they may be fixed.

Had there never been the Civil Rights Movement within the last 50 years, there would not be an African American preparing to take oath to serve the highest office.

As Abdul aptly put last week:
"U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says because the banks aren’t lending he want to take your $700 billion bailout money and give it to credit card and other loan companies. Regardless of the fact that this is totally messed up on so many levels, think about this. The government is taking your money to loan to the banks so the banks can loan you money. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the government to just not take your money in the first place?"

Lately Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson , former chief of Goldman Sachs, was given sole discretion (without oversight) of $850 billion of our future labor with a flakey hasty promise to bailout troubled mortgage assets. Instead he decided to give it, carte blanche, to the banks. Many of the banks are hoarding it, rather than keeping commercial lending oiled. Meanwhile, Iran converts $750 billion of its national treasury into gold.

The American automobile industry, led by GM, is getting in line for their bailout check next. They, along with the UAW, have lobbyists working non-stop to push their bailout through as quickly as possible. Fortunately it is meeting with resistance from President Bush.

Indiana Senator Richard Lugar states that he currently does not support the auto manufacturer's bailout and was incredulous that they asked for the money without a plan. It seems our esteemed Senator learned quickly from his hasty support of the first bailout and is wisely hesitant to jump into more deals. Maybe he feels double-crossed by Secretary Paulson & Pals too.

Saturday's rally is to bring awareness to America that The Fed must End and that there is a resolution waiting for congressional co-sponsors to abolish the Federal Reserve.

CAR POOL MEET UP: Saturday 11/22/2008
WHERE: Broad Ripple @ 9:30 am
RSVP: For meet up details & location, email hoosiers.for.fair.taxation@gmail.com
WHAT TO BRING: Signs, flags, banners, lunch and gas money
WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable warm layers and good walking shoes


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