"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Message to Indiana House Minority Leader Brian Bosma: Tax Activists want repeal, not CAPS

WIBC is reporting that Brian Bosma is calling for the public and tax activists to apply pressure on the General Assembly to pass the tax caps.

HFFT and other tax activists tried for nearly two years to make the point that capping tax on a SUBJECTIVE assessed value is not fair. It's also not fair that the legislature saddled Hoosiers with a 17% sales tax increase (one penny) before they transferred the property tax obligation.
It took nothing for the legislature to get that sales tax increase implemented. Why so hard to give Hoosiers property tax relief, as promised?

Hoosiers, supposedly being served by our state legislators are
getting screwed, Representative Bosma. How can you not see that?

Keep in mind, if the legislature does pass the caps, down the road, they will do away with our homestead exemption, and if any taxing district comes up short, state government will have the power to force residents in that district to pay a higher tax anyway.

Representative Bosma, caps are not the relief that is best for the people. There is a reason why the Indiana Constitution says that property taxes must be uniform and equal.

The Indy Star reports today that we have thousands of parcels of tax delinquent property headed for public auction, yet there will not be enough bids to solve the problem.

"We've just never had that many (tax-delinquent properties) before," Marion County Treasurer Mike Rodman said Thursday.

The problem would be solved by lifting property tax completely and forever. That will bring massive outside property investment with cash in hand to our state. They will improve our neighborhoods from the inside.

You and your colleagues in the legislature have 150 Indiana fees and taxes (all transparent) to which you can shift the burden of property tax revenue. Get creative.

Property tax REPEAL is the only solution.


Pete Boggs said...

That which we struggle to avoid and are most afraid to do; is the true path of our design & better destiny. If the terms of repeal & free market language were translated into the tax collector's tongue (i.e. lower barriers = more sales / commerce = more sales tax dollars); they might, understand it. Someone should tell them that a paradigm can have a value beyond twenty cents. But a paradigm shift does require a transmission- of thought. Caps are great for red & blue teams, but when we graduate, caps get tossed.

Sean Shepard said...

A while back I was watching the Florida state legislature as they considered repeal of property taxes on a primary residence. THAT, in combination with no income tax was going to make it very difficult not to move there and, indeed, start a business (or two) there.

Anonymous said...

"Four months after the collapse of Iceland's entire financial system, no one has accepted any responsibility. Our currency has lost more than half its value, rampant inflation has already eaten up most people's savings, property values have dropped by more than a third and unemployment is reaching levels never seen before in the life of our young republic. The fault is clearly shared between the business elite and the government, which failed to regulate the newly privatised financial sector, allowing a few incompetent and egotistical business tycoons to gamble with the nation's fortune. And yet neither the government nor the bankers – who, by the way, seem to have disappeared into the cold thin air – see anything wrong with their own behaviour."

Pete Boggs said...

Where will they go (tired elite suffering from self imposed paralysis)? Where will the Icelandic disappearing act take them, when America isn't "here" anymore? Imagine their surprise as they shove their hands into the magic bottle, cursing, demanding, & scraping for "more," when they discover, that there is "no more." How will they feed themselves after they've killed & eaten the golden goose?

Anonymous said...

True but where are all the protesters this year with signs? Nothing organized? Why have they given up after the shaking up of last year? One person is ignored as I well know. Do you all have at least one last stand left in you?

Patriot Paul said...

Excellent post. Bosma is one of those 'in the box' go-alongs with most of the assembly. Caps will not alleviate the yearly ransom note assessments that will continue to make Hoosiers lease their property from the likes of Bosma and cohorts. These people have passed nothing in 3 weeks. Well maybe one thing...they at Sugar Cream Pie and I'm sure that really passed through them.


At this point, it will take 5,000 or more people at the State House for numerous protests. I honestly don't believe that many will turn out.
I care greatly. However, I have to balance what I feel is realistic with managing my own life, my income, and my home.

My income dropped significantly in 2007 because of my activism.

Would you like to do the organizing to put 5,000 people at the State House? Do you know how to get them there? If so, I'll show up for the event.

Anonymous said...

You are right, the apathy is apalling that is why we have ushered in a Marxist to the Presidency.
I couldn't take the challenge to organize it because I know that it is impossible. That is why you are admired for marshalling the prior protests. That was a feat in itself. Guess, I'll just send my letters and emails to the bums.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY property tax "Relief" that came from last year's session or, will come from this year's session, will be for the "Legislature". They bought themselves. at least. four more years of status quo, with a minimum of effort on their parts.

They are playing a shell game of increases and decreases, here and there, whilst shifting the burdon of major tax increase to localities, via COIT/LOIT increases.

Its a Ponzi scheme! Schrenker and Madoff would be proud of them.

Pete Boggs said...

Property tax caps are a commission structure for the state @ 1 / 2 / 3%, or might also be viewed as an annuity, "controlled increases" paid for with taxpayer income; making them anything but taxpayer protection. Market value is a transaction not an opinion & we therefore don't have a market value system. Hey! Where's a judge when we need 'em? Maybe they're out hunting a species of snipe, AKA "administrative remedy." Remedy unavailable & undefined is justice administered?

Wasn't the Kernan / Shepard Report, you know, the one subtitled "We've got to stop governing like this," compiled, mostly by people with state pensions? Conflicts? What percent of content in the Kernan / Shepard Report, was generated by CITIZENS OR LEADERS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR; the very performing free market, that pays government's keep?

We haven't heard THINKING, the kind that comes from people who make & sell what they produce; THE REAL JOB CREATORS who make the nation's payroll & navigate countless, stupid, inane barriers called "regulations," many of which oppress the PRODUCTIVE RIGHTS OF FREE PEOPLE. Like too many other issues, the terms of the property tax "debate" have been framed in the asylum speak of problem makers; vs. the clarion tongue of capable problem solvers, who know that effective solutions are simple (transparent). It's in the avoidance or obfuscation of citizen centered solutions where others "see complication," a script for masking their betrayal of the public trust in service to themselves.

The problem for folks in the statehouse is they've squandered the good will of the people, who see them not as representatives but occupiers. Citizen appeals to the angels of better nature within the statehouse have gone unheard and been ignored; which has engendered more enthusiasm for leaving the state than traveling to the statehouse. Interested lawmakers will have their evidence in 2011, when 2010 Census results are available. There is an antithesis to "If you build it they will come." If you destroy it they will leave. Undelivered property tax repeal & relief (hey, if it takes a "campaign" to explain legislative relief, you haven't done anything, people know what they do & don't have, they're smart that way), devaluation of once privately & proudly held assets like real estate becoming more public liability by the day (significant percent of foreclosures are owned by outa state owners who spend few waking hours concerned about Indiana communities), sales tax increases & erosion of the state's manufacturing base, are all the result of a government building or destroying? The general assembly has a strange way of looking at things. However, if the people would "understand" these very difficult issues (beating the square peg of public trust into the round hole of self interest), they would surely be inspired & learn to appreciate the more complicated things in life. Maybe it's a metaphoric wall they're building & we just don't get it. Don't know how lucky you are boys, back in the US...