"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thugs, crime, gun safety, & Gun Show this weekend

On January 5th, the rear window on my new station wagon was bashed in and thugs stole my temporary paper license plate. They like to steal temporary tags to use while committing crimes.

Yesterday I received an email that described several breaking and entering cases in Meridian Kessler. Two black men in a silver Pontiac/GM 2-door knock on a doors of nice houses, and if they think no one is home, they will kick in the door and rob the place. These two thugs have been reported on Washington Boulevard, Central Avenue, Park Avenue and Meridian Street.

Today I spoke to my insurance agent, Neil Barton, who told me he received four claims in the last week from his insureds victimized by these two thugs. Keep in mind, he's just one insurance agent. If you need insurance, take it from a customer who had four claims this year, he is highly recommended. Their number is 317-255-6256.

This weekend (January 9th, 10th, 11th) is the Indy 1500 Gun & Knife show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. I'm going to buy my first gun.

I predict that as the economy worsens, crime is going to increase and our law enforcement officers will be stretched even more thin.

I believe the Mayor's office could make a huge dent in the crime statistics if he started a city-wide program for gun safety led and taught by volunteer cops. The city should issue press releases to invite the media to cover ordinary citizens (including the elderly and housewives) attending the classes taught by law enforcement professionals. We need to send a message to the thugs that we are armed and dangerous. The effort would also create another bridge between police officers and law abiding citizens. If this was publicized enough the thugs would think twice before breaking and entering, not knowing if there was a bitch on the other side of the door with a loaded gun and the law on her side.

Every time there is a crime in this city and there is a citizen who shoots the assailant, everyone cheers. We need fewer victims and more heroes in our city. THAT makes for a great news story. I just wish our Mayor had the kahunas to start such a program.

The cop who took the police report for my stolen license plate thought this was an excellent idea.

What do all of you think?


Anonymous said...

Age 65-I'm in-just so I don't have to go to Don's guns for lessons. Orgainize it and they will come.

Anonymous said...

I think we would be hard pressed to find police officers who could teach such a class. Most only shoot once or twice a year - the minimum they need for qualification.

Check with the local gun clubs. There are more experienced shooters thee.


So you think this is something that the citizens could organize with the cops? I don't really know any cops or how to start. Maybe some cops read this blog and would help get something started.

Pete Boggs said...

Visit the gun show with your suggestion & shop for ideas in addition to personal protection. A group like the NRA should certainly consider sponsorship of this take back our neighborhoods idea.

Anonymous said...

I think in Danville or Brownsburg they have a gun club but there should be some law enforcement officers that offer gun training somewhere in the city.

Sean Shepard said...

If the Mayor's office doesn't bite I'd bet the some Libertarian Party folks would be glad to help organize something.

Anonymous said...

NRA training is probably the best already available training option. Very good thorough training, not exactly cheap but it is available locally. I can personally vouch for James Heath as an instructor. He is a retired cop by the way.
I also think that Pop guns on the east side also offers training. Regardless, learn the safe way to use a gun and then practice. Good luck and shoot straight.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Oh, sure...and can't you just see all the lawsuits from people just waiting for something to happen.


I'm so pleased to see the positive response this post received. The advice I think I'll follow came to me by email and here. I'm going to go to the gun show to look around, but I'm not going to buy a gun until I know how to use it.

For protection it was recommended I get a stun gun for my purse for personal protection and a shotgun for the house.

LOCK AND LOAD! Thugs, I'll be ready soon.

Diana Vice said...

I am the co-founder of IN-Self Defense of Greater Lafayette, and a couple of our members offered their professional services and taught a gun safety class at a local gun club in our area. The class included free firing range time. It was such a success that we organized a follow-up class. We can arrange another class for anyone interested in coming to the Lafayette area.

Nan Kemper said...

Militia, again you've composed a racist blog. How stupid are you that you cannot see this? I read your article several times and fail to see why you have to call out the race of the men who allegedly did this to your car. I challenge you to call up one of your friends of color who have "taught" you about racism and tell them that is not racist what you wrote.

Good luck with the gun, Militia. I knew you'd start your army of misfits soon enough.

Anonymous said...

First you mention the crime committed was bashing your windshield in to steal your temporary tags. Then, with no ounce of continuity, you jump to "two black men," or "thugs" as you like to call them who have been supposedly committing vague crimes in your kingdom. THEN at the end of the statement, still with no ounce of continuity, you proceed to encourage potential crime victims to "shoot" criminals. So, does the bashing of a car window mean you get to shoot someone? Good night!

Anonymous said...

Start a fund to give out awards to local citizens that use a personal firearm to protect their home or others.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there is so much crime in Meridian Kessler. Break-ins a usually low priority from IMPD. The reason is not that they don't care it's jus the magnitude of the number of break-ins all over the city.
Unfortunately, when the thugs are caught they are back on the street in days due to lack of jail space and lack of adequate number of courts to handle the load.
I'm armed to the teeth in my home and I live on the near east side. The problem is that even though I am armed I know that 90% of the time the thugs will get the drop on me first before I can use my weapon on them. But I'll take my 10% chance of gettting them before they get me.
I personally recommend going to Pop's Guns to purchase your firearm. They willassist you in selecting the proper defense firearm to fit you and they offer training at very reasonable cost. Their staff is very professional. You won't pay any more at Pop's than you will for a like arm at the show.
All that said, until the citizens of Marion County want to spend the money necessary to build more jail space then it's a sure bet that more and more thugs will remain on the street. There are literally thousands of criminals that are out on bail waiting for their court date, which most never even appear at.If there is no fear of being incarcerated for more than a few days then the thugs feel they can do as thay please without repercussions. Trust me, they are not afraid of you having a gun, they know the odds are in their favor of getting the drop on you.

Anonymous said...

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation,

Another piece of advice: You don't want to buy a handgun until you have been able to fire a model just like it.

A handgun is very personal - the same model liked by one, isn't liked by another. Cartridge caliber; revolver vs. semi-automatic; subcompact, compact, or regular size; length of barrel, etc. can affect the comfort zone of each individual shooter. Very personal. Like choosing a spouse.


melyssa said...

"First you mention the crime committed was bashing your windshield in to steal your temporary tags. Then, with no ounce of continuity, you jump to "two black men," or "thugs" as you like to call them who have been supposedly committing vague crimes in your kingdom. THEN at the end of the statement, still with no ounce of continuity, you proceed to encourage potential crime victims to "shoot" criminals. So, does the bashing of a car window mean you get to shoot someone? Good night!"

First, you need to read carefully. I never said my "windshield" was bashed in. It was actually the back window of my Audi and it was a nightmare to get a replacement window.

In the same post I wrote about reports I was emailed for a neighborhood action alert specifically detailed two black men in silver Pontiac/GM couple were breaking into homes.

It hardly makes me a racist because I reported a description of the vehicle and the race of the criminals, as it was reported to me by witnesses.

In addition, my insurance agent, Neil Barton, told me last week that his agency received four claims because of these thugs. This makes ALL our insurance premiums go up.


Nan,....read carefully, I never called out the race of the people who bashed in my car window. I didn't because there were no witnesses.

The only people whose race was called out are two black thugs driving around in a silver Pontiac/GM car that were cited by neighborhood witnesses for bashing in doors and robbing people in other crimes during the same time period.

melyssa said...

P.s. Aren't my idiotic stalkers on here (especially the ones who don't read posts carefully and call me racist) so easy to poke fun at?

Thanks stalkers! You idiotic rants bring so much more fun to the blog!