"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue Indiana author sees back room deals, corporate welfare, property taxes, and cronyism as "irrelevant" to Indiana's citizens

I never read Blue Indiana, as I find it to be partisan and sophomoric. The writers are not critical thinkers and they would never have the kahunas to speak out against their own party when they abuse power. Today proved why I don't read the blog.

A lot of our readers look at Advance Indiana and Ogden on Politics, written by republican lawyers who spend as much time calling out the crimes and criminals within their own party, as they do calling out the Democrats.

Today, Thomas Cook, the blogger paid by the democrats to blog for Blue Indiana, personally attacked volunteer helping the non-partisan REVOLT AT THE STATE HOUSE rally on March 25th.

It was juvenile, so I wrote to Thomas Cook:

"Hi there Blue Indiana,
Thanks for promoting the non-partisan rally on Blue Indiana. However, I do wish you would attack the ideas being addressed and not the people. Do you think there is no problem with back room dealing, cronyism, property taxes, or corporate welfare in Indiana?

Best Regards,
Melyssa, volunteer"

He didn't answer my question, so I pressed him and he said:

"I didn't answer your question, because it is absolutely irrelevant to
anything. Attacking people is more fun. "

So there you have it. He's paid by the democrats to attack people who stand up and fight for what is right. He sees back room dealings, corporate welfare, and cronyism as "irrelevant".

Thomas Cook would be wise to heed what life-long democrat Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

We'll let you draw your own conclusions as to the size of Thomas' appendage. You can likely understand why I avoided it.


Anonymous said...

I would have posted there but I don't like registering especially at lefty blogs-As Savage says "Liberalism is a mental disorder". Liberals (which are usually Democrats (meaning the new Dems controlled by marxists) are the negative to the positive, they thrive on the word no, they can never have a good debate with an exchange of ideas to arrive at a beneficial to all goal, they must win at any cost,they prefer to attack to destroy every thing and any one who gets in the way of their liberal nonsensical agenda which when fully implemented has been to the detriment of theis country. There are examples everywhere of full Democrat control of cities, policies. and media brainwashing of the undiscerning and uninformed, and it isn't good. The worst part of it is they can't recognize what is "bad". When it falls apart the fix is the same ol' failed remedies.Try to have discussion with them and they immediately turn the argument without answering questions, and offering talking points. Thanks for your blog, and the others that welcome an exchange of ideas. When reading you can always tell which are the libs commenting. It usually equals the disorded response.
On an aside note, the Democrat marxists now in control of the U.S. government is practicing "shock and awe" fast tracking stimulus using total negative scare tactics to run this through without debate, discusssion, or throwing out pork and liberal policy issues that will change America into their dream of a sociaist society despite that it has failed worldwide with examples right in front of them.
So I implore and suggest to all to support and show up at the rally, and tea parties throughout the country or else you will not be able to undo the results.
The greatest country has it citizens freezing in their over property taxed homes, unable to find and use energy in their own country, not allowed to manufacture(its dirty), no to nuclear, no to the type of car you want because they play with "oil" as a tool to manipulate you, use global warming by calling it manmade to push you where they want you to go, making illegal =legal, giving away your worked for tax dollars, subverting the quality of this country --it is no no no no-folks, brought to by Government.You now have to say no back.
From -Somebody had to say it.
Sorry to run on but I have seen enough and hopefully the citizens that make America work will agree and show up.

Diana Vice said...

Wow, he outright admitted that he's a political stooge. Thanks for defending the good guys.


Today JFK and Eleanor Roosevelt would be conservatives!

Sean Shepard said...

That's probably true. Everyone forgets that JFK was a cut cutter!

What I always find amazing is the people who are constantly blasting more conservatively aligned individuals and want to make outrageous charges about all kinds of perceived insults BUT they seem to care not about the thieves in government, corporate welfare, true transparency.

To be fair, it seems that many on both sides of the traditional 'one party system' coin don't care until the coin gets flipped every few years, then suddenly the tomatoes are thrown.

Whatever someone's opinions of Mr. Welsh and Mr. Ogden, just to use those examples, they do more revealing and investigative work in many cases than most of the rapidly becoming irrelevant traditional media.

Those two gentlemen do indeed speak out about things in their own party that they disagree with.

I like the smarmy comment as much as the next person, but a comment like the one from Thomas Cook (who seemed to suggest he's only 24?), combined with other evidence, is what leads people to believe the left has a predisposition towards the irrelevant with an inclination towards attacks on people rather than a thoughtful and intellectually honest approach towards issues that is grounded firmly in an understanding of natural rights, economics and human action.

Where are their cries of fairness and equal treatment when someone like Helio Castroneves might be going to jail over something relative innocent but Timothy Geithner is getting a nice government job, in charge of the IRS no less.