"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HFFT activist (The Scotsman) on Fox59 with Kim King

Tax activist, Jeff Hays, was with us in the trenches throughout the summer of 2007 protests. Yesterday he gave a candid interview to Fox 59's Kim King. Hays is one of our activists who I consider to be a leading state wide expert on the Indiana property tax crisis . His passion for the subject is heightened because he has lost more than one friend to suicide because of unbearable tax bills. He's been fighting the property tax system and the corrupt politicians behind it since 2003.

February 23, 2009

Jeff Hays has owned his northeastside Marion County home for three years. But he's ready to get out. "I think the big problem for people is they don't understand yet how bad it may be," said Hays. He says he expects his annual property tax bill to top $3,000 on a home he bought for $113,000.

"I'm trying to leave this county and this state as soon as I can," said Hays. "The problem is we don't know when these bills are now coming and how can one make a budget if you have no idea what the bills might be."

The Marion county assessor's office recently revealed property bills supposed to go out last November won't drop in the mail until spring.

"The assessors office along with the Treasurer's office and the Mayor and our new computer system are all working to get bills out on time as soon as we can," said Greg Bowles, Marion County Assessor.

Bowles said the 2007 reassessment process combined with upgrading an antiquated computer system caused the current bill delays. Bowles says he hopes to get bills cycling on time within one year. But local real estate agents say the unknown tax bills are a hindrance to home sales.

"The property tax situation in Marion count is questionable and it's the great unknown when it comes to closing on a house," said realtor Mike Johns. "In my opinion there is no reason for the tax situation to be as it is in Marion county."


Patriot Paul said...

Most knowledgable activist I know and a true patriot.

Anonymous said...

With due respect to neede "states protests", it's getting down to national action. Maybe along lines of national D.C. rally- A 'STOP THE SPENDING' rally. That a simple enough, unifying cause? you? Maybe, enough people that will call in sick a day in protest? Send in less taxes come April 15th? Some national movement that demonstrates taxpayers are the forgotten providers of all this largesse (sp?), and our endless buckets of money and patience have run out.

Pete Boggs said...

Notice, there's always a "system" or scripted "bad actors" in the legislature, who always come between the people & good policy. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

As of twenty days ago, the number of abandoned and foreclosed properties in Marion County stood at 16,500. The number of TAX foreclosures was 9.000, a 54% winner in the forclosure race. Almost as well as Mitchpoleon did in the “gubernutorial” race.

Taxpayer said...

Thank you, Jeff, for your tireless efforts. And already the General Assembly is systematically gutting the hard-won progress we made in 2007. Selfishly, I hope you stick around awhile, Jeff, because we NEED your wisdom and your organizing efforts -- now more than ever!