"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

HFFT stands with activist lawyer bloggers, Welsh and Ogden

Below is an excerpt from a compelling piece of investigation by blogger/lawyer Gary Welsh condemning appointees on the Captial Improvement Board as working for their own self-serving interests and not those of the public. The piece is called "Unraveling the tangled web of conflicts on the CIB"

Volunteer citizen bloggers, who courageously attack local corruption, back room dealings, and cronyism, are once again the targets of paid political bloggers like Thomas Cook of Blue Indiana. These poltical blogging mercenaries believe they can make us disappear. They can't. We stand with the unpaid lawyers who serve as activist bloggers working on behalf of the taxpayers. And we know you stand with them too!

Gary Welsh writes:

"I consider it my civic duty to make the citizenry of this city and state
as knowledgeable as possible to help guard the public interest. It comes at a
personal cost, though, for those of us who are willing to stand up and fight for
this cause.

Paid bloggers who won't disclose who is paying them launch personal
and defamatory attacks
against us, calling us "batshit crazy bloggers" and
seeking to discredit our volunteer work for the public good. Anonymous bloggers
employed by our city government and the Marion County Republican Party have launched a blog devoted
entirely to discrediting citizen activist and fellow blogger Paul Ogden, often
taking swipes at me and others as well along the way.

Sadly, the Citizen Kane mayoral candidate many of us fought so hard to
elect when others in our party wouldn't give him the time of day, and who
promised us on his election night victory to end "country club politics" in
Indianapolis as we know it, will not even give us an ear to hear our concerns.
He won't even speak to me or acknowledge my presence when he sees me. Even U.S.
Rep. Andre Carson, a politician who has been on the receiving end of many barbs
from this blogger, always greets me with a friendly handshake and a smile.

No sooner had our new mayor taken office than the same government
contractors who populated his predecessor's campaign finance reports began
writing similar checks to his campaign committee. True to form, publicly-funded
contracts were rolled out to satisfy many of those same contributors.What these
people can't understand is that there are some people who still want to
participate in the political process who aren't looking for a job or a
government contract. We're driven by civic virtue and the public good.
Unfortunately, we've created a political system at all levels of government in
this country where the free and unfettered are not welcome. If you cannot be
controlled, then just go away. Well, we're not going away and these people will
just have to learn to live with that fact. "


We The People said...

I do not normally take part in the discussion with other bloggers who feels that they can call people crazy, nut jobs, or the racist because those words are irresponsible and do not add to a discussion of issues.

Yesterday, I did answer some of BlueIndiana.net's comments as there were two personal attacks (Mr. Ogden & Melyssa) calling them in a way the same words I expressed above.

Since I have opened myself up to them by giving my name, I want to see how they treat me. Will they now attempt to call me crazy or racist when they do not know me? I guess we shall see.

In any case, bullies typically pick on weaker people but I hardly consider Melyssa, Paul, or even myself to be timid people. We do not hide in the shadows as we are not afraid of what one may say.
We also understand that the one true reality in life is that we all will die. So no matter what these people do, they also will also meet their maker and in that time of judgment, their actions will be weighed. It is a choice whether to live in the light or in darkness and in this time of great peril, I hope to encourage others to join the rEVOLution that is happening right here and now in the USA and let's come together to restore our nation as a beacon of liberty.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Cook of Blue Indiana doesn't bother me, nor does tha anti-Ogden blog. If you weren't being attackd, then that's cause for concern.

I would question though why Cook, who apparently at some level is representing the offficial position of the Democrat Party, is refusing to condemn corporate welfare. I thought the Democrat Party was the party of the common man. Apparently they don't take their rhetoric seriously.

It is populist-minded Republicans and Libertarians who, on behalf of the common man, have taken on the big corporate interests who dominate Indianapolis city goverment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support of Mr. Welsh's work unearthing the obvious ethical conflicts that permeate the Capital Improvement Board. Speaking as an average taxpayer- wife, two kids, one income, 120K house- it's just astounding. I disagree with this blog and Advance Indiana on some isssues, but thank you both profoundly for running this up the flagpole. Citizens- if we'd don't speak-up our government will rot away.