"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

City Council President Bob Cockrum admits he puts party before The People

Hat tip to Chris Spangle's The Facts Were These for this outrageous news!

In every city and town in America politicians place their party and power interests before the taxpayer. That's right. We The People come second. In today's Indy Star, Cockrum does not hide the fact that the Marion county GOP stripped Ed Coleman's committee assignments out of retribution and he further admits that there was no real merit for removing Coleman.

This is one of the biggest reasons why there is going to be a REVOLT AT THE STATE HOUSE on March 25th. The People need to rail against these creeps who would put their own self-serving interests for power and control ahead of the very people who pay the bills and to whom they are sworn to serve. Watch for a new "Yard of Shame" to pop up in Meridian Kessler neighborhood!

We need help distributing the remaining 3,000 postcard flyers advertising the REVOLT throughout Indianapolis. To volunteer, please email statehouserevolt@gmail.com We also have free tables for Liberty oriented groups throughout the state. Let me know if you want one.

Here is the Indy Star’s Behind Closed Doors article:

Liberated from influence
City-County Council member Ed Coleman found last week that it’s lonely being a party of one.

After he switched from the Republican Party to the Libertarians last month, the GOP leadership stripped him of his council committee positions Monday. Coleman had said he thought the Republicans were playing the same power games to suppress dissenting views that they used to criticize Democrats when that party controlled the council.

Barbara Malone replaced Coleman on the Rules and Public Policy Committee, and Ryan Vaughntook his place on the Economic Development Committee.

Coleman and the Libertarians were outraged.

“The committee rules aren’t set up in a way to recognize three parties,” said Tim Maguire, the county Libertarian chairman. “But we’re here to stay, and they better get used to it.”

Coleman said the changes were proof of the partisan politics that led him to leave the party in the first place.

Others seemed amused that he didn’t expect retribution.

Bob Cockrum, the council president, said he knew Coleman was unhappy. But Cockrum said he needed to ensure GOP control of those committees. With Coleman’s vote in the air, he could swing the majority and effectively control the committee.

“When you stray, you have to take the results,” Cockrum told the Republican caucus. “It’s a no-win situation. People who helped him campaign feel betrayed, too.”

Other Republicans asked Cockrum whether Coleman would vote with the Democrats.

“I called (Minority Leader) Joanne (Sanders),” Cockrum said. “She said, ‘He’s not my minority.’ “

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