"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glenn Beck: "America's founding fathers were Libertarian"

Glenn Beck, the #3 rated talk show host in America, is ON fire!

In my opinion he has become as relevant to America's Revolution as Ron Paul. This morning I heard him say that while the MSM will often try to pin a label on Libertarians as kooks, our Founding Fathers WERE Libertarians!

This Friday at 4pm, Americans will gather at Meet-Ups across the country for Glenn Beck's event called "We Surround Them". Indy's event is in Fishers. You should go! I promise it will put the fire in you, if it's not there already.

The Libertarian Party, founded in David Nolan's living room in 1971 by disillusioned Republicans and Democrats, is the philosophical backbone needed to guide America's long overdue Second Revolution.

Imagine if David Nolan did nothing and we were stuck with two corrupt parties that enabled this mess we are in. Would we have the American voice of Liberty we have all around us today?

I was Democrat because I thought that party was about letting people live in freedom and peace to be who they are as an individual. I definitely learned that was not true.

And the Republicans, while I liked the platform of small government and fiscal prudence they promised, did not DO smaller government. They also let fundamentalist judgmental Christians hijack things, which gave the Republicans a bad name with socially liberal types.

The Libertarian Party was just right for me, even if they are the underdog! It is in the American DNA to root for the underdog. American literature and film often champions the seemingly powerless underdog who, because of our RIGHT to be free, overcomes obstacles to win victory over evil oppression. Don't we just love Erin Brokovich? Those are usually the most heartwarming of stories told.

In a nutshell, the Libertarians champion personal freedom, small government, and the rule of law applied equally to all. They don't care if you are rich, poor, gay, straight, black, or white. They care about doing Our Constitution as written. And you know, the Constitution was written by religious men.

The history of the LP is enlightening, especially when you consider how far the Party has come in such a short blip of time in America's history.

Read up on LP history, then consider coming to our many social events which are held at different locales around Indy. It's ok to come even if you belong to another party. You won't be pressured to join. Just come have some food and drink, know you will be welcomed, never judged. You will meet plenty of other Liberty minded patriots and learn more about the important role we play in the Great Second Revolution of America, as we continue to do our part to protect the principles our Founding Fathers so thoughtfully gave us.

The next Libertarian Social is on March 25th. It's the evening of the Revolt At The State House event. You can RSVP now on the Meet Up page. We typically have at least 20 people attend and there is always some one new to welcome! Some of our best activists are born at these socials.

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melyssa said...


Meetup for Indiana


* Location: Shout's Pub & Eatery at Cooper's Sport Bowl
A viewing party for WE Surround Them will take place at Shout's Pub & Eatery within the Cooper Sports Bowl complex:
1920 East 53rd Street, Anderson, IN 46013
Join us for mingling anytime between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m.

Carmel, Fishers - See Northern

Clay City, Clay and Vigo Counties

* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6417424

Elkhart, Michiana

* Concord Mall - Community Room
Concord Mall - 3701 S Main St, Elkhart, IN 46517
This is a Glenn Beck We Surround Them Meet up. We are looking forward to getting together with other concerned citizens and having a good time of fun and fellowship.
* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6402669

Fort Wayne - WOWO

* The Classic Café Catering Events Center (150 people or so) As heard on WOWO Radio
* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6352446
* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6403506


* (Location disclosed upon joining group) meetup.com/The-Indy-Defenders-of-Liberty/calendar/9759193/?action=detail&eventId=9759193 meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6313319

Indianapolis, Greenwood

* Location: Fireside Brewhouse
997 E County Line Rd
Greenwood, IN 46143
Please send an email to confirm. It is a restauraunt/bar so children all are welcome!
Please follow link to join us at Fireside Brewhouse for a good time on March 13th @ 5p.m.
Contact Joe with any questions jcope1776@hotmail.com

Indianapolis Area

* Check out our "Meet-Up" site: http://www.meetup.com/The-Indianapolis-We-Surround-Them-Meetup-Group/calendar/9759193/
* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6313319


* Location: Pizza Forum
120 S. Main Kendallville, IN
Arrive by 4:45pm and enjoy some food while watching Glenn Beck 5-6pm.
Questions? wesurroundthem@live.com


* Location: Nine Irish Brothers EAST
3520 St. Rd. 38 E
Lafayette, IN 47905
Easy acces from I-65, approximately 5 miles west on State Road 38 E. For those familiar with the area, the old Ruby Tuesday restaurant by K-mart.
Limited to 20 - 25 people
RSVP: http://www.doodle.com/ups78nydkbygziph

La Porte, Michigan City

* Location: Private home
4:00 is showtime.
E-mail me or call at 219-575-9366 for address & directions.
Eric (emdunham@aol.com)

WHON WOWO Lawrenceburg, Southeastern Indiana, Aurora, Rising Sun, Dillsboro, Milan

* Location: Hoosier Wings and Rings
1090 W Eads Pky, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
We Surround Them Viewing Party - starting at 4:00 March 13.
* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6431169
* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6426977

Lowell, Northwest Indiana

* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6417090


* Location: My home
(Carla said) Starting out with just my three sons and me at my house. If anyone would like to join, they are more than welcome. It's a small place, but we could always move to a bigger location if enough interest.

Northern... Fishers/Carmel/Westfield Area

* Location: TBD with head count
Richard & Laura B Organizer Let's get together to stand strong here at the Crossroads of America! We will host a meeting to view the Glenn Beck show on Friday, March 13th, in the north Indy / Fishers / Carmel area. Depending on the response, we'll determine the location. The bigger the response, the bigger the facility we'll get. How about Conseco Fieldhouse or Lucas Oil Stadium?? Join us in these first steps to taking back our country."
The RSVP link is below:
* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6319749

Richmond - 930 WHON

* Location: 4th Floor Blues Club
923 North E Street
Richmond In. 47374
Public Open to the Public
Contact Mahlon or Troy or Dan
930 WHON
Refreshments food available please RSVP if you can.
Seating available for 200

Southern Indiana, Bloomington, Daviess County

* meetup.com/WeSurroundThemGathering/messages/boards/thread/6316001


* Location: Heierman Home
Time: 6:30 pm
Bring a dish to share.
facebook link