"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Indy Star, WISH TV Channel 8 helping Pacers steal more of your money

Last week Ruth Holloday, a former Gannett newspaper columnist, broke the story that the Pacers sent 60 of Indy's elite on a junket to Cancun, at a time when the Pacers' are begging Indiana's legislators for $15 million. The junket included Indy Star and WISH TV employees. Keep in mind that the legislators involved in finding state funding are also getting hefty campaign contributions from the Simons and Pacers.

After WISH TV did a smear job on the the REVOLT AT THE STATE HOUSE rally last Wednesday, where three practicing Indianapolis based attorneys called out the theft of taxpayer dollars by sports billionaires in a well attended public rally, I called the the station's news director.

WISH TV news director Kevin Finch became agitated and yelled at me on the phone when I told him of Ruth Holloday's column exposing the fact that WISH TV employees went on the Cancun junket. He was so enraged, that he called Ruth immediately after he hung up the phone with me.

At the Revolt At the State House rally, several people told me they overheard WISH TV reporter Jim Shella laughing it up with morning talk show host Abdul, and ridiculed taxpayers at the rally. Shella called the taxpayers names at the rally. (In defense of Abdul, at least he calls himself an arms dealer who deals to both sides because he profits from war, while Shella and WISH TV call what they do journalism).

Today Abdul accused someone associated with our revolt of sending an intimidating email to him, yet he refused to produce the email and emailed only an IP address to me. An IP address not attached to an email means nothing.

Abdul, it is not a legitimate accusation without an email. I wouldn't consider anyone in the arms dealing business to be so trustworthy that they don't need proof when they make an accusation.

And quite frankly, we must be getting to you guys for Indy Star, WISH TV, and Abdul to be going to all this trouble to try to make us look bad.

Meanwhile some taxpayers started boycotting a WISH TV sponsor, who I noticed today is not showing up on the front page of the station's website today. Could Abdul's sponsors be far behind? Abdul's show is likely far more vulnerable than WISH TV 8 because his audience is so much smaller and the loss of a big sponsor or a campaign to call all the show's local sponsors could potentially hurt Entercom's wallet pretty badly.

All of this nastiness could be avoided if the media did its job.


Anonymous said...

It looks apparent that Simon offered money (trip, jewelry) to the media and they took it. Now they are covering up their involvement.

Sean Shepard said...

Hey now... wait-a-minute...

I've been advertiser on WXNT in the past. And, to be fair, Abdul has frequently had FairTax and Libertarian folks on his show from time to time, including as guest hosts (like Brad Klopfenstein who is now with the ILBA). I seem to recall he even had Wayne Kirk (I think) come in and speak about Ron Paul one day in 2008.

I guess I don't lump WXNT or Abdul in with the more dismissive "main stream media".

The e-mail bit does seem kind of akin to inventing some drama but who, besides him, can know for sure?


Sean...I didn't lump Abdul in with the rest of them. I carefully sorted him out by stating he admits up front what he does.