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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Outrage and truth expressed on WISH TV Channel 8 blog against Jim Shella

As of today, there are 55 comments blogged on the WISH TV web blog concerning the hit piece Jim Shella did on protesters at the state house. This is likely more comments than the station has seen. The comments are overwhelmingly supportive of the protestors and organizers of the event, yet Shella continued to spew his distortions on this week's Indiana Week in Review.

This is not a war of left vs. right. It is liberty vs. tyranny. The media and political insiders work over time to keep us divided. An unidentified "man with a badge" wrote the following lengthy comments at risk of losing his job. Everyone should read it.

"I would like to be charitable here, and address many of the excellent points made by Mr. Kirk (kudos!)- along with extra kudos for the videos he selected. But my patience is short and therefore so must my comments.

I've seen hack jobs like what Mr. Shella has done. Either he is a journalistic prostitute or he is a lackey doing what his masters have told him to do. The people have eschewed the mainstream media for the internet and truly independent media because the mainstream only shows one side of the story, and now the media corporations are teaming up with other special interests to control the content available on the internet "Internet 2", so REAL news can't leak out. Have to keep the sheep-le ignorant of what's going on, so they can be better managed (controlled).

FYI: I work in law enforcement. I started as a cadet for a major university here in Indiana, worked my way up and out - to another agency. When I first started my public safety career, Three major events occurred; the Ruby Ridge, Idaho siege of the Weaver family - the Waco massacre in Texas, and the Oklahoma City Bombing. While I know for a fact that there are honest people working in the mainstream media, the simple fact is that what most people know about all three events is severely WRONG. Weaver was not a wild-eyed white supremacist, David Koresh was not a baby-raping drug doping gun runner, and Timothy McVeigh was not the mastermind (or right-hand man) in that plot. The news was slanted on purpose, to hide the truth. Suffice it to say, nobody trusts the mainstream media because they have demonstrated their un-trustworthiness on occasions far more numerous. Oh, and forget everything the media told ever told you about militia groups, as long as I'm in a 90's flashback mode. McVeigh was not a member of the Michigan Militia, even the FBI said so. That was made up from whole cloth by the media and by certain politicians.

Now there's another group that the people are very angry with. The politicians queue up the patriotic soundtrack and break out the Red, White & Blue when they want your votes, but they sneer on the US and state constitutions every other time of the year. They ignore it outright at the federal level and in Indiana they honor it more in the breach than in the observance. Even Mitch Daniels, who unlawfully sold the toll-road for a 99 year term, in violation of existing state law and court precedent. Then he obtained political cover from the Indiana supreme Court, when they violated their office by denying litigants against the toll road sale their access to the Court, thus violating Section 12 of the Indiana Bill of Rights (Article 1 of the Indiana Constitution).

But it gets worse. I used to work for the Ind. Board of Elections.... Since the advent of mechanically tabulated elections (punch-cards) and touch-screen machines in particular, nearly all of our elections above the local level have been compromised. I don't blame the people who voted, or the people who didn't vote. I blame the people who count the vote. I blame the people who had the authority to expose this, and to change it, but who didn't.

I blame the corrupt judges who let two-legged predators go free to prey on our children and our elderly, on the weak and the defenseless, all the while denying justice to the falsely accused. I remember the story of one man, who upon being falsely accused and knowing that he could not afford the sort of attorney that would get him free, and knowing that he was being prosecuted for his political views, simply wrote a final love letter to his wife, his lifelong sweetie, took his pistol and ate a bullet.

The freedom lovers of America are not far behind. Recently, the Missouri State Police issued a counter-terrorism report that declared Libertarians, Ron Paul Republicans, Constitution Party members, and other law-abiding citizens (grouped broadly by beliefs such as gun rights activism, tax honesty, money reform, and property rights) to all be terrorists. By this stain, everyone at the rally last Wednesday would have been subjected to Homeland Security scrutiny...

This is why we have a Bill of Rights, but when the people see the Bill of Rights negated as it continues to be, even with Bush out of office... that's the reason why the ammo shelves at local gun shops, Wal-Mart, Dicks, Cabela's, and elsewhere are all empty. Among the general public and even among SOME law enforcement, the quiet discussion is not whether there will be a 2nd American Revolution, but WHEN... and I do mean a 2-way firing range!

So I understand the anger expressed by many, including some of those who have vented their frustration here. But it has been headed this way for a long time; and that's why the federal government even before 9-11 aimed the nation's surveillance/enforcement apparatus not against foreign threats but against its own people. Patriot Acts 1, 2 & 3 as well as National ID, Posse Comitatus, Habeas Corpus, and other laws are for YOU. HR1955/S.1959(Patriot Act 4) was aimed at YOU. And if you and especially your children don't start goosestepping to the GIVE Act(HR1388)- which is mandatory universal national service - then according to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, in comments he made last fall, anyone that doesn't get on the bus to go to boot camp... will have to "get on the train"... to a different kind of camp. Read HR 645, a bill to establish "relocation centers" on closed military bases.

Now this last part is going to be a bit controversial for some, but not for too many if everyone is buying ammo for the reasons articulated by some of the previous post's here. If there is a thread that is running through ALL of the grievances behind the "Revolt at the Statehouse", it is the feckless desire by so many in positions of trust - whether politicians, media, judges, bureaucrats, police or others - to deprive the average citizen of justice and most of all, peaceful avenues of redress.

John F. Kennedy said when you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable. That is largely why the feds are already quietly building an 80,000 troop force under NORTHCOM to deploy domestically for the purpose of suppressing the liberty movement that has been underway now. The media cannot contain the truth because of the Internet, that is why the Pentagon has declared the 'net to be an "enemy weapons system". Remember, freedom-lovers are the enemy (according to the discredited MIAC Report), and the weapon is INFORMATION. HR 645 was written with freedom-lovers in mind.

Chances are, this missive of mine may be deleted soon, and in any event that is why my post here is anonymized... the authorities can ill afford a pro-liberty cop on the beat, upholding the constitution above the orders of superiors - orders that are illegal because the Constitution is the SUPREME law of the land! They would fire me if they knew me, for speaking my mind.

As Mr. Kirk pointed out in a previous post, Obama ordered video blogger Bob Basso to report to the White House to discuss what Obama called "the disturbing nature of the video". This man said nothing controversial, he just spoke emphatically on a number of current but important issues. The sad fact is, the federal government thinks what this man said represents a threat to national security, and are willing to summon him to make an accounting for what he has uttered. http://www.infowars.com/popular-anti-stimulus...

This may not be the end of free speech in America, but if the substance of Obama's talk with this man goes the way I think it will, this may permanently mark the chilling of political speech on the Internet and of dissentful speech in particular.

Some observers in the Special Forces community have noted that the crucial time for a "hot", or shooting, revolution is not when there is a knock on your door but as early as when the authorities move to suppress free speech.

Those who attack freedom-lovers as enemies of the state are likely themselves enemies of liberty. That is why the enemies of liberty have spent so much time and effort attacking the credibility and the legitimacy of militias. No militia group ever committed an act of terrorism in America, and no militia group ever burned down a church or shot a mother in the head while holding a baby. No legitimate militia group has ever advocated breaking the law or advocated overthrowing our form of government. The powers that be are scared of them because they teach community, self-reliance, teamwork, citizenship, preparedness, and a lot more. If society collapsed tomorrow, the militia would be the one group outside the government that could provide for themselves (and their families) and still be able to respond anywhere, anytime, to help people.

Don't take anyone's word for it. Check 'em out for yourself. <url deleted so HFFT does not become law enforcement target, see original comment> because the mainstream media won't give you the truth. Don't judge till you see what they're about.

If worse comes to pass, they may turn out to be your best ally. Remember Katrina. Don't Forget Waco. And consider, the bailout was designed by the people who used to work for the companies getting bailed out now. Have a nice day.


Shorebreak said...

Man With a Badge has become my hero of the day. What a fantastic tribute to honesty and truth - especially coming from a man who must face constant opposing opinions among his coworkers. Kudos, my friend.

Know this: There are many, many folks who agree with you and who support your beliefs 100%. I find zero fault or inaccuracy in any of your post and I would welcome comments from anyone who wishes to challenge them.

I remember watching Randy speak live last year in NH. His story was heartbreaking. The fact that he was granted millions of dollars by the government in apology for their errors and crimes has done little to repair the damage done to that man. The fact that the admission of wrongdoing was hardly touched by the media has done nothing to repair the effects upon the country, speaking volumes in spelling out what we're up against as a nation. The media wants people to believe that the government was the victim and the Weavers were acting wrongly. I saw a documentary on the History channel a few months ago that perpetuated that lie.

I could say the same regarding the OKC bombing. The crimes of state against our citizens are simply overwhelming. The silence from the media in the face of ongoing cases against the government by victims family members is contribution to high treason, in my opinion.

We have a long way to go, but it's nice to see that people are opening their eyes and learning. It's a tough process because it means redefining for ourselves what patriotism and honor means. The most difficult part is accepting that institutions and conventions that we supported may have been wrong, and that we supported issues and actions based on what we believed, rather than based upon the facts. It's tough, but I think we're slowly getting there.

Man With A Badge said...

Hi, M.W.A.B. here. I was borrowing a friend's computer and I was pleasantly surprised to see my 'rant' get reposted here, but again there is probably no better place. Thanks for all the kind words!

I made a comment in my rant that I felt, in retrospect, needed some documentation so readers could verify for themselves.

I understand that they stripped the mandatory national service part out of HR1388 before the conference version went to Obama, but the offensive language was transplanted into HR 1444. In my rant I said:

And if you and especially your children don't start goosestepping to the GIVE Act(HR1388)- which is mandatory universal national service - then according to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, in comments he made last fall, anyone that doesn't get on the bus to go to boot camp... will have to "get on the train"... to a different kind of camp. Read HR 645, a bill to establish "relocation centers" on closed military bases.

I went back & found the whole interview where Emanuel made this statement. Most versions on YouTube have clipped out where this statement was made, but here's the unadulterated interview elsewhere:

The critical quote is about 2:48 in the player.

Oh, one other thing - If you know of any patriotic, Constitution-honoring cops out on the streets be sure to inform them of a pro-Constitution organization for police & soldiers opposed to globalization at http://www.jackmclamb.com

Thanks again so much!


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