"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Special Order session of Congress to discuss the FairTax!

ACTION ALERT: Call Rep Pence & Rep Burton!

From Danny Higgins, Indiana Fair Tax Director
BREAKING! - Watch CSPAN around 6pm Tuesday (time is estimated) for a Special Order session of Congress to discuss the FairTax! Spread the word!

Please take a moment to call our 2 co-sponsors for HR 25 Dan Burton 202-225-2276 and Mike Pence 202-225-3021 and ask them to take part in this Special Order. I called both offices and they were not aware of this on the schedule. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

The fair tax is a method of replacing an illegitimate unconstitutional tax (that was initiated to pay for interest on Federal Reserve debt) with an alternative levy that cannot be successfully challenged in a courtroom.

How is it “fair” to replace an illegitimate tax with another form of tax? Shouldn’t the illegitimate tax be eliminated, rather than replaced? In my opinion, those who are fighting to support the fair tax have been drawn in by clever syndicated mainstream media (the name Neal Boortz comes to mind) who claim that the tax is fair because it’s not coming directly from our paychecks. In reality, the tax is intended to serve the same purposes as the income tax, and is therefore illegitimate.

Additionally, I find it interesting that the Congress is now digging deeper into the potential to implement a “fair tax” now that they know the economy is in freefall. With less employment and subsequent revenue decline, is there any question that there’s a method to the madness? Of course they want to consider a fair tax. When people are no longer employed, how else do you pay interest on debt if you don’t implement a large tax on purchases?

FYI – I stopped paying attention to the distortions of FOX and CNN a long time ago. It was this very issue – the fair tax – that convinced me to stop listening to talk radio as well. Especially the guys who I liked – like Boortz. He had sold me on the fair tax, until one day when I sat back and really thought the issue through, without his voice in the background. The fair tax isn’t fair. It’s a replacement for an illegitimate income tax, which is in decline because jobs are drying up.