"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Topics & Speakers: Revolt At The State House

We promised that Revolt At State House would shock you with our experts knowledge of corporate welfare, greed, immorality, cronyism, and lack of transparency within Indiana government. The immorality of our state and local governments will be called out in public by local experts in the very house where The People's business is done. Here is the menu for March 25th. We're saving seats in front for the politicians.
"Increasing Debt: Mortgaging our Children’s Future"
Lisa Kelly, former Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor

"The Colts, Pacers and the Capital Improvement Board"
Gary Welsh, Attorney at Law and Publisher of Advance Indiana Blog

“Government Grants & Public Corruption”
Rev. Solomon, local political activist

"Run Over By the Speedway Redevelopment Commission"
JoEllen Dotlich, SPEED

"Pay to Play Politics" (humorous interlude)
Mark Small, Author and Attorney at Law

"Transparency and Accountability in Government"
Diana Vice, Lafayette-area housewife and publisher of Welcome to My Tea Party

"Lobbying and Ethics Reform"
Julia Vaughn, Common Cause

Topic TBA
Jim Premeske, Team Hammond Taxpayers Group

"Fun and Games in Evansville"
Frankie Neidhammer, President Vanderburgh County Taxpayers

"Conflicts of Interest in Government"
Chris Hiatt, Delaware County Taxpayer Association

"How to Get Involved & Make a Difference"
Melyssa Donaghy, publisher of Hoosiers for Fair Taxation Blog

"A Call to Action"
Paul Ogden, Attorney at Law, and publisher of Ogden on Politics Blog

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