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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BART LIES: We were wrong AND we're being wronged


From Bart Lies blog...remember that person?

We were wrong AND we're being wronged

It's impossible to make sense out of Mayor Ballard's decision to speak to the closed-door committee regarding the CIB having gone bust thanks to their incompetence when it came to negotiating the deal for Lucas Oil Stadium and the current whining and begging from Simon and Simon, the quickly-going-broke owners of the Pacers.

Mayor Ballard is NOT the small-government, taxpayer's friend that he pretended to be while he campaigned. In fact, it seems as if his appearance from out of nowhere may have been a sly and calculated put-up job by the now-president of the CIB, Mr. Bob Grand. What else could it be? He and the mayor go back a number of years as acquaintences, reportedly thanks their children being schooled together.

Was the campaign just a scheme hatched during a series of parent's night meetings at school?

We wonder.

At every turn, the so-call development of downtown Indianapolis has placed additional burden onto the backs of taxpayers. They are apparently going to do it yet again.

The 'fix' for the CIB's nearly $50 million debt is (as always) to pile more taxes onto those of us who unfortunately decided to call Central Indiana 'home.' On April 2, 2009, the evidence points to another round of taxation being meted out by the General Assembly. All done fron behind closed doors.

The projects that the CIB has undertaken are uniformly hailed as economic development and we are handed a neverending stream of hollow speeches from out-of-touch (and typically very wealthy) spokespeople. They make unsubstantiated claims of enormous quantities of money coming into the region thanks to their particular pet project. The numbers are always 'estimates' from whatever study they have at hand.

Never do they provide any documentation of their data that could be reviewed or *gasp* audited by an outside agency.

No, we are handed the vague promise of great things to come. Jobs, tax dollars, visitor spending, and so on. Somehow, though, we always come up short. The vaporous tax dollars go somewhere, but they don't seem to cover the debt racked up by the CIB's follies. And we taxpayers always end up having to take it on the chin.

And the cycle repeats: Build, tax, build, tax. Meanwhile, the things that are meaningful to the general citizen on a daily basis - the roads, sidewalks, parks, schools, dining out, public transportation - all get neglected through bare-minimum funding.

The people running this city and state are completely uncaring and self-serving. Their cronies and (in many cases their employers) are benefitting tremendously while the taxpayers for whom they also work and by whom they were granted the privilege of holding office are shafted.

And Mayor Ballard has turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the taxpayers he pledged to stand with and for.

It's just astonishing and incomprehensible. Well, those are the nice words we'll publish to describe it all. You can surely figure out what we'd actually like to say.

Oh Hell, we'll say it anyway: YOU SONS OF BITCHES!

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Sounds like the people got hoodwinked. Shame on Mayor Ballard. We need him to stand up now and own his words to us.