"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Indiana Sovereignty passed in committee! Urgent action needed!

News from Jerry Titus on Defense of STate Sovereignty


I just spoke with Senator Walker. SR 42 was heard in hearing in the Committee on Commerce and Public Policy & Interstate Cooperation this afternoon.

Senator Walker reports the hearing was "...the most fun I've had in the 2 1/2 years I've had this job."

Needless to say, SR 42 passed in committee.

The vote was 8 to 0, with 3 absent. All four Democrats present voted AYE! As well, three asked to be added as coauthors no less!! Those Senators being Senators Deig, Skinner and Arnold.

Senator Walker reports that he is up to 19 co-authors now, including three Committee Chairs - Senators Paul, Steele and Kruse, and Senate President pro-tem Long.

There should be video of the hearing posted tomorrow, I'll try to get it on Youtube as soon as I see it.

Action Alert - Phase 2
A vote on the floor could come as early as next Monday (4/9/2009). Senator Walker wants to get it to a vote as soon as possible, so time is short.

Call and/or write your State Senator and express your support for the resolution and encourage them to do so as well. If your Senator was been involved in the committee hearing or is a co-sponsor, please be sure to thank them (profusely).

I have a Soapbox alert set up at Congress.org to aid in finding your Senator and authoring a message. The Alert is titled "Support SR 42" and is from Kokomo In.


I also have an Action Alert up at http://incrc.com:


Please share this with your friends, family and neighbors, and encourage them to write or call their Senators!

Thanks for your time and efforts!!


1 comment:

Robert - NW Side said...

Melyssa, what exactly would this 'resolution' accomplish?

If Indiana keeps taking federal tax dollars, they have to also accept the federal 'rules' that go with it.
This smacks of the 'other' so-called law we have that states that English is the official language of the State of Indiana.
Looks good on paper, but has no 'teeth' in the real world.