"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Indianapolis City Councilor Ed Coleman Speaks To California Libertarian Party

The first account of Indianapolis City County Councilor Ed Coleman's talk to the California Libertarian Party is very briefly summarized at The Independent Political Report:

Keynote speaker Ed Coleman is an Indianapolis city councilman who recently switched to the LP, making him the elected Libertarian with the most constituents in the country. He recounted the inappropriate pressures that local Republican party officials put on him. He said that his unwillingness to sell favors hasn’t necessarily hurt his fundraising, and has even brought him promises of future campaign contributions. Coleman said he sees the purpose of government as just to protect people from aggression and to ensure access to water, electricity, and streets. He said he wanted the government out of his church, his bedroom, and his wallet.

Further down in the summary of their first day's activities was another little jewel that is of the type to serve as a warning or reminder to elected officials anywhere who desire economic growth and prosperity in their country, state, city or town:

Treasurer Cowles ... announced that they would not be running for re-election, as Cowles is moving to Nevada to escape California’s taxes

As I've repeated a few times recently, "Taxes may redistribute wealth [or economic activity] in the short run but they redistribute people [and industry] in the long."


Anonymous said...

Not to take away from Ed's ideals or comments, but the article is misleading. It characterizes Ed as an "elected Libertarian". His fame amongst Libertarians would be more deserving had he truly come into office elected as a Libertarian. Instead, the number of his constituents, lauded as the most of any elected Libertarian,came about because of voters pulling the Republican lever.


I will work harder than I did in the summer of 2007 to help Coleman's re-election. I'm already thinking about details of a totally blowout fundraiser in my home that can comfortably host 50 to 100 guests with a menu and cocktails that will rival the city's best restaurants.

Sean Shepard said...

@Anonymous 4:28AM

I agree that articles should be careful to add the extra few words it takes to ensure people understand that Coleman switched after discovering the Republicans didn't really believe the things he thought they did and thus switched.

Unfortunately, most Republicans will tell you they vote Republican to get Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul, Jeff Flake, Mark Sanford, Ronald Reagan style [at least in speech if not substance] candidates ... unfortunately, instead of voting directly for small government, low tax, pro-constitution candidates via the Libertarian brand they prefer to play the slots by pulling the "R" lever while hoping and praying one comes up every now and again.