"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Indy Intuitive Intelligence - Local course work

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I will sponsor one half of the tuition for any patriot who wants to attend the classes with me. In return I ask for 40 hours of volunteer leadership activity at the conclusion of the sessions on intuition and intelligence.

P.s. General George Washington was a Pisces.

email: hoosiers.for.fair.taxation@gmail.com if you want to attend with me


Shorebreak said...

I hope the course has a good turnout. Here's an example of how intuitive intelligence can be applied:

Imagine for a moment that someone inherits a farm. Let's say that the farm has good topsoil, a good well, good breeding stock, good seed, and excellent farm equipment in good repair. Prior to passing into the control of the present owner the farm did a good business selling vegetables, meat, and dairy products to the local market, and it made a small profit.

But let us suppose for a moment that the present owner of the farm doesn't understand farming, or isn't even really interested in learning. The present owner has no objection to standing around looking good, so he stays at the farm, standing in front of it, looking good to passers by.

Of course, the bills still come in, so our farmer puts them on his credit card. When that bill comes due he uses another credit card, Then another. Pretty soon the interest payments alone are higher than his bills and the banks get nervous and call him. No problem. Our farmer sells the tractor, takes the money around to the various credit cards, the food store, the utilities, and pays off all his bills. Then he stands around in front of the farm looking good to passers-by, the lord of his domain.

Well, the bills still come in. Again the credit cards get loaded up. So, this time our farmer sells the harvester. Then later on, the cattle, then the chickens, then the seeds, then he leases the well to his neighbor and finally sells the top soil from his farm to another farm down the road whose soil is getting tired. The cash is taken around to the various creditors, the food store, the utilities, etc.

Now at this point, our farmer thinks everything is okay. The bills are paid, he has a little cash in his pocket, and everything is fine.

Of course, you know better. The farm simply does not exist any more; it's just an empty lot with a few buildings, and soon they will be gone as well. The path from the farmer's present condition to seizure of the property for unpaid taxes is a foregone conclusion, even if the farmer doesn't look far enough ahead to see it.

Poor, dumb, stupid farmer.

That farmer is our government, and our business leaders.

Just as our hypothetical farm has lost its soil, livestock, seed, and farm equipment, America has lost its manufacturing ability. Business leaders, who use finance and their media to control government, have demonstrated via their foundations and international bodies that their gosl is a single global system rather than a strong national system. They decided that by investing overseas and by letting our own budsinesses fail and go bankrupt, they could use national economic failure as a tool to convince Americans that only a global economy will save us.


My intuition tells me America will be saved.

Shorebreak said...

I agree that America will be saved. But not without incredible pain and suffering. Trillions of dollars are on the line for those who have been orchestrating and financing a global system. They'll use every tool at their disposal to destroy any and all resistance to global integration - including the elimination of entire US cities if necessary. In fact, they might even turn global sentiment against us by making us the next global enemy, in order to enable the rest of the world to destroy us and to feel justified in their actions. Todays patriots will tomorrow be labeled in media as insurgents.