"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Andy Horning Farewell Bash -- This Friday @ Rick's Boat Yard

Andy Horning speaks at the first property tax protest
Governor's Mansion, July 4th 2007

Our loss is a gain for the state of Texas! Here's the press release sent today regarding Andy Horning's departure from Indiana to accept a job in Texas. --Melyssa for HFFT

Longtime Face of the Party, Andy Horning, Leaves Indiana

Sadly, the face of the LPIN for the last 10 years is leaving Indiana for Texas. Andy Horning and his family are leaving Freedom, Indiana for a new job. Andy is available for interviews on in the coming days via phone at 812-585-0504 on his accomplishments, his future, and the current state of politics and government.

The LPIN will have a going away party for Andrew Horning. At that event, Horning will have media availability for the final time in Indiana.

The farewell party information is as follows:
Date: Friday, June 5, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Rick's Cafe Boatyard - The Deck
4050 Dandy Trail, Indianapolis, IN

"I am a Libertarian because of Andy Horning," said Executive Director Chris Spangle. "Andy is the first person in my life that explained that citizens are in charge of the government, and that I may need to pull it's leash a little harder. He challenged the way I thought about governing. I am not alone. For most of the current active members in the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Andy was the first representative of our party they were exposed to. Our explosive growth and strength the last decade is in large part due to Andy's statewide candidacies."

Former State Chair Todd Singer had this to say:
"Andy has run for the positions of State Representative-District 96 (1996), Marion County Recorder (1998), Mayor of Indianapolis (1999), Governor (2000), 7th District of Congress (2002), and Governor once again (2008) under the Libertarian banner. He is a strong candidate that has represented us well in the media, and in person. He is especially adept at inspiring and energizing younger voters with his message of freedom, personal responsibility, and Constitutional government."

"Time and time again, Andy is cited as the first introduction Hoosiers have had to the Libertarian Party of Indiana, and also the original intent of our Constitution, the rule of law. Andy Horning is one of the main reasons that I became a Libertarian."


Pete Boggs said...

Texas has more of a Constitutionally winning attitude; something missing from Indiana for too long. Prediction: upcoming census figures will reveal that Indiana is a state people are leaving. So, why do people vote with their feet and leave one place for another, in trend?

Mike Kole said...

Interesting question, Pete. I for one, left Ohio for Indiana. Considerable tax savings to have done so. I know the same is true of anyone leaving MI for IN, or IL for IN. In my own Fishers neighborhood, the number of people that came from the Chicago area is astonishing.

On balance, I think Indiana will experience some + and some -. Certainly those who desire a career in manufacturing will be looking elsewhere.