"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Indianapolis Public Schools claims it is "Revolutionizing Education"

"We're revolutionizing education"

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New Signage at Indianapolis Public School Building

"Excellence, Scholarship, Respect, Courage...Discover IPS"

This would be funny if:
1. IPS was not one of the worst school systems in the country
2. IPS did not fail the majority of our city's students
3. IPS did not employ one educrat administrator for every three teachers at substantially higher salaries than the teachers earn
4. IPS did not fire a popular and excellent principal, Jeff White
5. IPS did not fight the advance of charter schools which perform better and spend less money
6. This falsely advertised travesty did not cost Marion County taxpayers 51% of our property tax bills!
7. Our tax dollars were not used to pay for this propaganda



Watch out Indy! I have a new camera!

Pete Boggs said...

"Scholarship, respect, courage, for up to a maximum 30% of our students. Excessive, unearned compensation & benefits for 100% of our administrators." " It's about the bids, not the kids."

Anonymous said...

I take offensed.
My parents say Obama is greatested preseient in world. You jest gealous cause most we come is IPS.

Anonymous said...

We would all be better off if the legislature would pass a state-wide voucher system for charter schools and deal with the IPS problem with gasoline and matches.

Has anybody seen Newt Gingrich's speech from last Monday. He has it just about right -- education is the ultimate civil right in this country and these losers are perpetrating a social institution which locks children into poverty for their entire lives.

Its almost as diabolical as slavery but nobody has the guts to say so.

Had Enough Indy? said...

I just got my tax bill. Decatur Township Schools are raping the taxpayers. The Schools portion of the tax rose by 37.9% IN ONE YEAR and now accounts for 63% of the total.

In addition - hold onto your wallets. The treasurer's office tells me that the reason my total bill is more than the 2008 2% tax cap would allow, is because the Legislature voted to modify the caps so that school districts can avoid them without a referendum. I still await return phone calls to get more specifics. But, the caps are in jeopardy already.

Hopefully the tax protesters haven't forgotten what and why they worked so hard two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Of course IPS is revolutionary. Isn't anyone paying attention?

When the Department of Education was formed by the Federal government, it didn't take long for the foundations to latch on to John Duey and propel his system nationwide, based almost entirely upon his study of the Soviet indoctrination program within their schools. And where did White travel most recently to learn, understand, and bring back new tools for IPS to model?

Yes, that's correct. White travelled to the People's Republic of China to learn and understand the tools implemented in schools within the Maoist communist regime. After all, what better model? The people have learned not to ask questions, to follow the dictates of authority, and to become cogs in the profit wheel for corporate profit, as directed by their totalitarian leadership. They are the perfect tool in uniting government control with corporate profit.

It kinda makes you wonder if Indianapolis leadership is meant to be what it is, in order to protect this very important experiment, doesn't it?

Pete Boggs said...

Tax craps are a gaming scheme; only IPS math would delude / conclude that you can cap a variable (other than market value which is only a transaction, "trending" assessments). Caps are Yugo quality "policy," the kind people abandon for other models (states).