"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angela Mansfield...the lone "nay" vote opposing the unlawful CIB bailout by taxpayers

City Councilor, Angela Mansfield

This lady citizen and your representative was the only "nay" vote at yesterday's critical CIB bailout committee hearing. Remember her name because she alone stood up for you tonight against all the fancy suits at City Hall there to shake you down for even more money to put in the deep dark hole of your money known as the Capital Improvements Board.

Noticebly absent from the meeting were CIB Chair Bob Grand and Joe Loftus. They know the heat is too hot on them. They can't operate in the light of day and conveniently left the begging to the other board members and the city's schill's in suits.

The ICVA president, Don Welsh, for instance makes $350,000!! That is THREE TIMES what Governor Daniels earns for his service to us. Welsh is not even from Indiana! He's a damned hired gun paid for with YOUR money!

Don Welsh's suit was very expensive. No wonder he wants that bailout. We are funding his lavish lifestyle! We had to listen to him and his boring power point presentation for nearly a half hour after four tedious hours of endless pleas by the game's insiders to get you to buy into their Ponzi scheme.

Finally the taxpayers, The People footing the bill, got a measly two minutes each to speak out against the bailout at the very end of the night when the media (except for WXNT's Abdul) was worn out and went home.

There was not one single private citizen at last night's meeting who spoke in favor of the CIB Bailout.

One 23 year old student during his two minutes even read the part of the Indiana Constitution (Article 10, Section 6) that specifically states that:

No county shall subscribe for stock in any incorporated company, unless the same be paid for at the time of such subscription; nor shall any county loan its credit to any incorporated company, nor borrow money for the purpose of taking stock in any such company; nor shall the General Assembly ever, on behalf of the State, assume the debts of any county, city, town, or township; nor of any corporation whatever.

Every other councilor at last night's meeting voted to violate Indiana's Constitution and continue to borrow money for the purpose of taking stock in a company...the CIB is a corporation, folks.

HFFT will keep you posted of the full council vote on the CIB bailout which is coming up. It's not over yet.

HAT TIP to Andy Horning! I learned that the young man who read the Indiana Constitution to the assembly said he found Andy Horning's "Indiana Constitution Explained" link here on HFFT. Those Andy Horning seeds keep popping up everywhere! He's missed, but left us a great legacy.


Andrew Horning said...

Thanks, Melyssa. For those who'd like to see the whole Indiana Constitution (with what I think are helpful annotations), try this: http://wedeclare.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/indiana-constitution-book1.pdf

jabberdoodle said...

Joe Loftus did attend, at least for a while. He came in late and sat in the back. How long he stayed I cannot say. I am surprised you did not catch the thin whiff of brimstone when he opened the door.


Jab...I must have been upwind of the brimstone.