"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Citizens to oppose CIB bailout at Tuesday's public hearing

Come to the CIB bailout public hearing on Tuesday night (7/28/2009) at City Hall on Market Street across from the City Market. It starts at 5:30.

We know that several city councilors are against the bailout. Those good guys on the council need plenty of public support and encouragement.

When you arrive, sign up to speak (they usually give you 2 minutes) and let it be known that the prudent thing to do is to order a forensic audit of the CIB that has operated in near secrecy with our money for at least a decade.

Thanks to relentless bloggers like Gary Welsh who went head-to-head with CIB chief Bob Grand at the last meeting, everything is set up for the party bosses to fail to get their bailout money for his client, The Pacers. And contrary to what you hear the mayor say over and over, 66,000 hospitality workers are not going to lose their jobs. That's a bold faced lie. Downtown workers might lose their jobs, however, if we end up with the highest hotel tax and lose convention business or the hotels have to lower their rates to make the room rates affordable.

All we need is for citizens to show up to give the final punch that knocks down their game.

Sign ideas:

Never forget that the biggest fear of the party bosses is public exposure. All we need are citizens to show up and we can knock this tax increase out because the city councilors know it is political suicide to vote for it.


Downtown Indy said...

I have found it interesting that Sen. Luke Kenley is demanding a detailed explanation from state universities as to why they need to raise their tuition rates.

Yet Mr. Kenley seems disinclined to make similar demands of the Colts, Simons, and CIB before constructing a bailout plan for them.

Let's hope the city council has the strength to insist on full disclosure before handing still more of our tax dollars to them.


Downtown, maybe Kenley isn't getting campaign contributions from the Universities.