"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

FREEDOM IN MARION COUNTY: What it looks like

Got an email that said Wheeler was whining I didn't publish the photos of the Libertarian Cigar Roll he submitted with his assault on personal freedom. He finds the photos above to be shocking. Wheeler is likely too uncultured (uneducated) to understand that smoking flavored tobacco via a hooka or cigar spans many centuries and many cultures.

Someone needs to tell the patriot in costume only that people can freely choose in America whether to place themselves in smoky places or not. We can choose what we want to do on our own property. Next thing you know he'll be crying to the government to outlaw auto races because the sport is "dangerous" to the health of the drivers and sometimes it is dangerous to the health of the bystanders who can get hit with flying debris!

Wheeler seeks to limit your freedom while making you think he's a patriot. As someone said earlier, he's a bored old man with too much time on his hands. It's time someone said so publicly.

The sport of racing kills and seriously injures employees of race car teams every year and the noise will make you go deaf!


Wayne Kirk said...

All of us suffer from some gap in logic and reasoning whether it is based upon our philosophical understanding of life or fears.

I have had conversations with Paul Wheeler about a potential smoking ban in public restaurants and places and the gap I see is based upon his understanding of what is considered "Private Property" as being ownership of a business or an individual's body in which he has partial understanding thereof.

Mr. Wheeler believes that the ownership of one's body should supercede the ownership of one's private property--that a business must be forced by law to change if a person's needs (like smoking) are violated.

However, the gap here in his logic is partial for when one compares his ideas to the Libertarian philosophy, Libertarians believe in true property rights and responsibility of one's body and the power to vote with our feet if one does not accept the terms of a particular condition.

For instance, if a restaurant serves horrible tasting food, should we use the force of government to make their food better? How about the food that a restaurant serves has too many carbohydrates, sugar, salt, or fat?

Mr. Wheeler believes that if a person wants a job, they will be forced to work for an establishment that allows smoking and thus, they will be compelled to work in an environment that is harmful to them. Even before the smoking ban in restaurants (excluding bars) took place, many restaurants went to "non-smoking" by their own will and others created sections to cater to both lifestyle choices and again, if a person did not like the smell, they can choose to go elsewhere or stay home and eat--in fact, it is much cheaper to eat at home...and healthier (depending on what one cooks).

I agree that smoking is harmful and for over thirty years we have put little labels on cigarette packs telling people about potential problems and nearly everyone knows someone who has been afflicted by the toxic effects of smoking for a long time by a series of conditions that slowly destroys the body. However, when a person comes into my life to determine what is healthy or dangerous even though I am aware of my own lifestyle choices, I see that as slavery for what the person is telling me is that they have a better understanding of my needs and they own my body which I will reject anyone's view of ownership of my own self. I'm sure that Mr. Wheeler and others would be quite angry if someone attempted to tell them what is the best use of their own bodies and recoil at any attempt to control them, but the gap in reasoning is that they feel that they have the authority to do so with me. I sure hope that someday Mr. Wheeler and those of "Smoke Free Indiana" who are using fudged up numbers about the detrimental effects of second hand smoke (it is nearly impossible to calibrate the amount of second hand smoke a person inhales in any study due to each individual lifestyles are different and every person's body handles the effects of smoking differently due to internal chemistry) and although I do admire their desire to help make Americans safer and I do appreciate anyone helping to educate others, I must admonish them for any attempt to use the force of law to determine what a consenting person does in their own lives.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should enjoy freedom of expression and not get a hit job when they do. Paul doesn't deserve the nasty remarks only a dispute of his ideas.


Hey this blog is such a "defender" of freedom of expression that we allow your remark even though you are not registered or have the courage to sign your name to your opinion!

If anyone in this entire town has a right to say something about Wheeler it is I, for you would not know he exists but for me. Live with it, cowardly nameless one.

--Melyssa, for HFFT