"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Libertarian Fundraiser: Explanation of event cancellation

The Harvest Moon Fundraiser (which was planned since May 2009) is cancelled.

Sadly, our friends at the Republican Liberty Caucus decided that Libertarian Party Ballot Access isn't as important they claim it to be, and pulled their promised support from this noble cause because of how it might look to their fellow Republicans.

I am truly heartbroken promised support was withdrawn and hope to hold another fundraiser for the Libertarian Party in the near future. To make up for it, I am personally donating $300 to the LPIN, and hope that you will do the same.

If you were planning to come to the fundraiser and you believe ballot access for a third party is important to keep, please donate here. I'll throw a private party for all the people who join me in donating to the Libertarian Party's effort to retain our ballot access in Indiana.

-Melyssa for HFFT


Anonymous said...

the RLC and Paul Wheeler are in the same league

Anonymous said...

Melyssa, they are not your friends. You are being too nice.

Indy Student said...

It's well established that, no matter how much you philosophically agree with a sub-sect of the major parties, they are still part of the two party system. Unfortunately, you should've expected this.

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Anonymous said...

"It'd be like expecting the Democrats to stop pandering to those groups that want others to make decisions for them.

At what point do you walk out of the cave and see the reality that creates the images we see in the media?

The RLC cannot co-exist peacefully with the GOP and maintain LIBERTY and true conservatism. The RLC either needs to leave the GOP completely and join the Libertarian Party, or give up their principles and join the party that stands against civil liberties. It's time to wake up and pay attention, because we cannot continue on this failed path."

Pete Boggs said...

It's a shame this has happened, the libertarians & RLC folks have more than not in common.

Melyssa said...

Yep Pete, it is a shame. We thought we had a lot in common such as putting Liberty before party politics. I was really counting on (for once) receiving help in return.

At what point will republicans really put LIBERTY before party politics?

I thought I was doing that by helping the RLC all year long. I even helped them raise $260 on Monday night. Within 48 hours of me raising money for them, Lisa pulled her name from this project.

Needless to say, I was not feeling the love.

Anonymous said...

The RLC and the LPIN are two sides of the same coin and should be respected for what they are. At the same time, they both must remain separate sides in order to be effective. As much as people may hate politics, it is what it is.

The two party system exists for this is the way things are for our system will not support more than two parties. A rise of the LP would indicate the demise of the Republican party. Politics as usual would continue on.

I find it sad that even tho Lisa's new position would require her to pull out of her co-hosting duties, that an amicable break-up could not be arranged. If both sides were thinking rather than letting their emotions run their thoughts, they could have engineered a situation where both the fund raiser, the LPIN and the RLC-IN could have gotten free press. However, that would require cooler heads to prevail.

Name calling and backstabbing will only seek to destroy and weaken the liberty movement. I would urge informal reconciliation.


Name calling? Where?

And the RLC and the LPIN are NOT the same coin. Not even close.

Pete Boggs said...

There was a fundraiser for candidate Ballard late in the 07 campaign, where Tim Maguire was invited & whose signs were also posted. While a few party types complained, the host graciously promoted Tim's hard work & candidacy, supported by the majority of R's attending that event. There have likewise been Conflicts are natural, but so are coalitions.

Pete Boggs said...

Sorry I prematurely posted (phone call) before finishing the point, that Libertarians have welcomed & promoted liberty loving R's & D's.


Yep Pete...and this fundraiser could have gone off without a hitch.

I'm done with giving to the Republicans, only to be denied help when I need it. This is not how it was promised to me that it would work.

I'm sure you can imagine how heartbroken I am to be betrayed once again by people I thought were my friends and had my back.

I'm considering shutting down the blog and quitting everything all together because of it. I really don't see the point if I can't rely upon the people I work most closely with when they give their word to me.

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