"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Please Vote Becky Williams for Property Tax Assessor

Marion County Indiana voters have a great choice for county assessor, Becky Williams . In my opinion she is the most accomplished person our state has in this field and she is dedicated to giving fair appraisals to our citizens and running an efficient office.

She is no nonsense and does not play politics with our homes. She was a fierce ally to the property tax protesters in 2007 and showed us great compassion, while she made constant public appearances during that period. She also did tremendous outreach in terms of giving us education about the assessment process and its many flaws.

Before you vote, take a few minutes to check out her website, her impressive credentials, education, and professional affliations at her website:



dcrutch said...

I agree. She's getting my vote.

Indy Student said...

Melyssa, I hope you take the time to look into Dennis Fishburn. I met him a while back at a candidate forum at IUPUI. He shares all the concerns Ogden and others have bought up about the Sheriff's Department, and will start to financially rein it in years after it's been consolidated.


Yes, I will Matt. You know how much I respect you. I only hope if we give him our nod, that he will never sell out.

The Sheriff is the one (if not ultimate) authority in a community who can can legally protect us from an over-reaching federal government.

I hope he will man-up and do that for us, at the time it is called for him to do so.

As I see it this office of Sheriff requires a leader of moral grounding, constitutional knowledge, uncompromising princples, and utter dedication to serve our Republic and her people.

I am not convinced he is fully of the People and think he might be weak and do whatever the country club power set instructs of him regardless of what he "feels".

And,as you know, a strong courageous Sheriff with a backbone can protect a community.

Does Fishburn have a backbone? Would he stand up to Ballard and B&T or would he follow orders?

Marycatherine Barton said...

Today, I called on Marion County Sheriff elect John Layton to follow the example of the Cook County Sheriff, Thomas Dart from Chicago, and refuse to evict people following
foreclosure procedures.
Ralph Forbes in his report entitled, "Sheriff Won't Evict", at www.AmericanFreePress.net, writes how Dart did that, "..after weeks of big headlines and damaging accusations of shoddy foreclosure paperwork that may have caused hundred of people to be illegally evicted from their homes."