"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

VOTE FOR BILL LEVIN: Meridian Kessler Neighborhood FUNdraiser

Bill Levin @ Melyssa's Salon
Winter 2010

I am throwing a rather large and fantastic house party for Bill Levin on September 24th. Bill wants your vote for City-Council-At-Large, and unfortunately (or possibly fortunately) in regard to this party there is only room for 100 guests.

It's a fundraiser, so everyone is asked to RSVP and pay $30 and you will definitely have a better time than anywhere else that night, if you are a person who wants to connect with others seeking a balance between cultural and fiscal vision.

Bill Levin is running for one of four City-Council-At-Large seats in Marion County. He is also Indiana's re-legalization lobbyist and just concluded summer study sessions with our Indiana senators and the nation's top marijuana legalization lobby. He coordinated that for us. Doncha want to meet this guy?

Bill says based on the amount of marijuana now used in Indiana that is untaxed, our state could easily tap an extra $4 billion plus for our state's local coffers. Not only that but we could free up the money our state spends on the courts and prison system persecuting non-violent productive people.

What could we get for that extra $4 billion plus a year? Well, for one we could shore up our pensions. And then we would still have enough money left over to get that groovy modern high speed metro rail system. How great is that?

Everyone knows that Bill Levin is a cultural icon. What most of you don't know is where the part of the city is that he has his eye on to become a major travel destination and generate more money for our state than the casinos ever could.

Wanna know more? Then pony up to make sure you are one of the 100 RSVP's I have to give that night.

(RSVP's are not guaranteed unless prepaid)

I promise you this. This will be the best party you've been to in the last decade. You have my word on that fact.

4169 Central Avenue on September 24th @ 6pm

The Famous Kincaid's Meat Market Burgers
Sirloin Burgers ground with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon grilled on the Weber
(we promise, best burger you have ever known)

Gourmet Topping Station
build your own dream burger

Summer Harvest Salads

Chips, Pickles, Cookies

Organic Iced Sweet Tea

Assorted Beers & Wines

RSVP here
(RSVP's are not guaranteed unless prepaid)

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