"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How I transformed a dirty house into my dream home: Part One




I know this is not related to Fair Taxation, but you all know how much I love my house!

I've always wanted to write about my renovation journey over on Central Avenue. When Angie's List learned I've written a hundred reports, they asked me to write a monthly column. I enthusiastically accepted and volunteered!

How I transformed a dirty house into my dream home: Part One

The article shows a "before" picture of my house taken in 2003 right after I had the ugly shiny black peeling trim re-painted. I could not afford to renovate the exterior stucco of my house back then, so I just did the trim.

My new monthly national column will chronicle my adventures of hiring extraordinary local talent willing, happy, and most importantly competent, to take on my "scalable" projects, one at a time.




Over the weekend, as I was pulling into my alley-access garage I picked up a tree limb which got up in my grill and scraped my radiator so deeply that it caused a leak.

Of course when I saw the amber oily pool on my garage floor I had no idea what it was!

Not knowing what the strange fluid was, I was scared to drive my car far.

I took my car to Ty's Penn Shell at 49th and Penn, less than a mile from my front door. I knew I was in good hands because Ty is an Angie's List Super Service Award winner due to all the "A" reports he gets. You should read his accolades from my neighbors!

Winning the Super Service Award means he's one of the top five percenters doing auto service in Indy according to reports.

Anyway, anything you get done on an Audi is always awfully expensive.

Turns out Ty had to take off the front end of my car to do the radiator change.

Ty gave me a 10% Angie's List discount when I picked up my car yesterday.

The list is a great reliable source of who the best service providers are in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

As a frequent visitor to St. Joan of Arc, I'd noticed the changes to your house over the years. Great job. Now can you get your neighbor to do something abou the green astroturf?


My neighbor is old. She lived in her house more than 30 years. At one point I think she also used those clear plastic slip covers on all her furniture.

I agree that astroturf is bad. Who knows, I might end up buying that house too one day. When I do, I will change the baby blue siding at the same time.

That house is valued around 75,000 less than the rest of them. It would make an excellent rental property.