"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The bloggers are taking notice: Google "Lugar Voting Fraud"

I checked to see how much coverage is published on the Lugar voter fraud story first told by Lafayette housewife, blogger, and tea advocate Diana Vice. I was pleasantly surprised to see many of the state's well known bloggers are not shying away from the story, even though our local media is timid.

Google: "Lugar voting fraud".

We need a major spotlight put on this legitimate complaint because it is up to us to demand the rule of law in Indiana. That's how it works.

Don't fret. The news is almost always on the blogs first these days.

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There is even an amateur You Tube news video made by a young freelance reporter named Jessica working the beat for WNOD.


Anonymous said...

People should also send the original link to the story to Drudge Report.

Anonymous said...

Also send Niki Kelly's story from the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette to Drudge.


Where is Abdul on this story?

Anonymous said...

Abdul is probably checking out why Mourdock can't pay his own taxes and why he didn't know there was $300,000,000 just sitting around.

Other than that,he's probably enjoying a nice cigar right about now


Wasn't the $3m found under Mourdock's watch?

Who was the auditor who found it? Who supervises the auditor?



Anonymous said...

Mel - Abdul can only check on one story at time as his handlers permit.