"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ron Paul Grassroots Energy

In the beginning of this video tribute to Ron Paul's grassroots supporters, Hillary gives him props!


Indy Student said...

Hey Melyssa, I know you were in Iowa working on Paul's campaign during the caucuses.

Were you at his speech at the end of the evening?

I thought it was odd how stern his son, Senator Rand Paul, looked. Even though Ron Paul placed a respectable third, Rand kind of looked disappointed.

Any insight you have into that? Maybe it just came off that way on TV. Or maybe Rand is just like that on camera?


I was not where Ron Paul was that night. I was working in eastern Iowa near Davenport. To be specfic I was assigned to go to a Durant in Cedar County and 86 townspeople attended the Caucus at the Durant school auditorium.

You are not the only person to comment on Rand's expression. We think it was justified anger that you saw on Rand's face.

Republican "cocktail party" operatives were calling the town precinct chairs and putting pressure on them to push for Romney at the caucuses.

I was told that there are paid operatives in the Republican party who are interested in protecting their jobs and the access to the parties they get and not so much interested in who is the best candidate. I guess you could say they are like mercenaries.

Anyway, Romney pays operatives which means he has organized full time PAID people working for him.

In some cases speakers for Ron Paul were not allowed to talk at the Caucus because the events were controlled and conducted by operatives or people influenced by the operatives in the party.

Some of the activists in our group were prevented from talking to townspeople at the caucus or passing out the Ron Paul super brochures.

Establishment machine politics were at work.

This means if we want Ron Paul to win, we have to work harder.